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    Netsclusive Wedge

    Well I got home today and forgot to check the mail, when i finally remembered...there was the new Wedge! So here's a review.

    Sculpt: Pretty good except I think he's too tall. He's almost a head taller than the OTC Xwing Luke. I don't remember Wedge being that tall. I don't have the Dutch Vander fig so I'm not 100% that it's a complete reuse (besides the head of course) but to the naked eye it does look like it. The head sculpt is kind of funny tho. With the helmet on it's a pretty good Wedge, but with it off he doesn't look like him at all. Once again, don't have the Cinema Scene 3 Pack Wedge to compare with so I'm not sure if it's a reuse or not. What's really nice is the tube and straps. They move freely, don't hinder the artic, and are sculpted seperately which gives it a very "real" appearance on the figure. I want to see them make all the pilots with kinds of straps from now on. One other problem I have is that he won't stand flat footed. I can totally see this guy shelf diving all the time if not on a stand. Overall I'd give the sculpt a B-.

    Artic: I count 9 POA. All standard - neck, shoulders, right cut elbow, left cut wrist, and knees. The knees do have the twist so you can move the lower leg left or right. Pretty good for a mass market release but for an internet exclusive that costs more than twice as much I would've hoped for more. Once again B-.

    Paint: Standard Hasbro fare here. If you look close enough you're bound to see some problems but overall it's not too bad. The buttons on the chest plate could've used a little more accuaracty tho. A few paint flecks here or there but the face and helmet are done pretty well. Also I've had the helmet on and off several times and haven't noticed any chipping or wear on the hair aps. For that the paint gets a B+.

    Accessories: Helmet, Blaster, standard OTC stand. This is kind of a mixed bag because for the price point I really feel we should be getting something extra, but anything extra wouldn't really seem to fit with the character. The blaster has the silver on the barrel which makes it look way better than just the standard black on Captain Antilles. But the helmet doesn't have the strap. This bugs me a lot less than I thought it would, but since we know it can be done, why not? And the stand...well...he can use it to stand. Accessories get a B. (probably should be an A since i can't think of anything else they could've given him but it's late and I'm cranky!)

    Overall: I went into buying this knowing full well I was paying too much for what I was getting. That knowledge actually makes me like the figure a little more since I had my buyers remorse before it even showed up. This is the first Wedge I've ever owned and overall I'm okay with it. I have no idea why Hasbro thinks a Wedge won't sell at mass market but a Dutch Vander will, (tho I do have a theory it's because of the lack of symbols on the helmet, yes I believe Hasbro can be that stupid) but for what ever reason I had to pay extra to get him and that's that. So whining about the price point aside, I'd give an overall B to B+.

    BTW, got him from toysolutions on ebay. Haven't heard of anyone else having them in stock yet.


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    Re: Netsclusive Wedge

    Edit to the review, I was able to make him stand a little better by adjusting the legs. So that's actually not too bad.

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    I'm hoping mine will arrive soon. I kinda forgot about him until the Special Ops trooper shipped.

    Thanks for the nice review!!!
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    This is a good figure, the price point is high for what it is....a kit bashed re-wedge.

    The body is indeed Dutch Vander and the head is also the head from the Cinema Scemes pack.

    With tat said they work well together. Again the price was too high, as was mentioned by anti-hero.

    Other than the high price for a kit bashed figure I give him an overall A-. I really like the Dutch Vander figure so this is an extention of my feelings on that figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99
    I really like the Dutch Vander figure so this is an extention of my feelings on that figure.
    I do too. I thought the body sculpt and the detailing was top-notch. I really don't care that they are reusing this body. It is light years better than the POTJ Luke X-wing pilot and Jek Porkins... which were good at the time.
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