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    General Riekkan and Dodonna are overdue and I'll even throw a plug in for Willard and Madine as well...we need the Rebel Generals!!!!

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    I'd buy them, as well as all the other remaining figures from the vintage line that have not yet been made.
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    I'm all for new rebels, be it leaders or soldiers. Same goes for Imperials. The new rebel fleet trooper and imperial officer are really great figures. So the more, the better, I say! .

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    According to the official site, it's General Carlist Rieekan. And yes, I'd love one. I've wanted a rebel general 3 pack for years - Dodonna, Rieekan, & Madine. Throw in that tactical table from ANH, and make it a fan club exclusive.
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    Here! Here!

    I think we need figs for both Imperial and Rebel leaders. The new imperial officer fig can stand in for a couple but we need more specific figs for both sides.
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    Yes! I'd love to see the 3 main generals released. Sigh.
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    Yes yes yes. The challenge is how to release him in a way that makes it worth Hasbro's money. A playset (which don't seem to sell well) or exclusive seems to be the best way.

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    Pssst. Hey Hasbro, I think this means we want to see more Rebels, including Madine, Reikann, Dodonna, Derlin, and more techs and troops!

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    Maybe next year when we really start to run out of classic charecters

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    If they do get around to making him that purina symbol on his uniform better be painted well?
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