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    Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite Clones were from the ROTS line (assuming you like Clones, and most of us here seem to).

    At the moment I'm really liking Commander Bly. He looks more menacing than any of the others, IMO, and I like the paint deco and the weathered look to his... uh, skirt. He's one of only two ROTS figures I bought an extra of just to keep MOC.

    I also like the red Shocktrooper, though I have only one of those. Don't have a blue Temple Assault trooper, so I can't speak for that one.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    I think I like the original Target Exclusive Clone Trooper. I also like all the commanders, freaking sweet. The Shocktrooper is pretty hot. I like the new design of the AT-RT driver. The AT-TE Gunner is pretty cool, and the Tactical Ops Trooper. The JTA Tact ops are cool too. Oh and I can't forget about the Utapau Shadow trooper. Oh and the Evolution ROTS troopers are really nice. I guess I like them all.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    my absolute favorite is the AT-RT driver. other ones i like are the 41 clone, Bly, Red Clone Commander "Deviss", Red #6 shocktrooper.

    i like the design of bacara but the figure itself with its lack of articulation in one arm and on the knees really killed it. i didn't like the AT-TE gunners at all as the swivel elbows just don't cut it for me. before i got the clone evo set, i thought i would really like the ROTS bly's grunt but as it turns out the helmet doesn't cover completely and you always see his chin sticking out at the bottom.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    I Will Agree With Figrin The Bly Evoo Clone Would Be Awsome If You Did Not See The Chin Of Them

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    I would have to say Commander Gree and the Utapau stormtooper are my favorite. The Holograph Plo Koon and Aayla Secura are also very cool.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    I like the AT-TE Gunner (or whatever it's called). The Clone Commander (red, even though the green one is sweet too) is a close second.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    My vote would be all of them, but favs are shocktrooper along with special tac ops. Still waiting to receive mine from SWS to see how much I like that one.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    the shadow trooper, the shock troopers,and the commanders, and the 501st from the jedi temple pack.

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    Shock Trooper

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    Re: Your favourite ROTS Clone figures

    Aas far as movie accurate, the Shocktrooper for sure. The figure would be great with some weathering and a #41 mold. My favorite clone figure is definately the Grey commander from the 2nd evolutions set. This guy is bad *** w/ the black battle skirt and silver detail. Plus he friggin' has blood stains all over. How bad is that?

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