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    u-3po where are you?

    when will figure be coming out for the love of god??

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    "U" know who!


    The silver TC-14 protocol/spy droid on the Tantive IV? Get a cheap Threepio and spray the bugger with silver model paint. That will net you a final product that resembles the little traitor!!

    Don't forget to cover up the "wire parts" so you don't botch up THAT portion!!!
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    or E-3PO! the rude droid on Cloud City!

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    What about the red Echo BAse 3-p0? Was it R-3p0? I'd like to see that one made! And more astromechs!

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    Yes,but you all know that we need a CZ droid.
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    I agree, a CZ is definately in order. Also a red protocol driod. However I don't think we will ever see any more silver protocol droids. The reason behind this, Hasbro has already released TC-14 and they will assume that everyone can just substitue TC-14 for the others if they need to. But then again, TC-14 is extremely hard to come by, so where would the logic lie in that? Well, either way I hope they get made. Why not along with the army builder sets? Just package together a whole bunch of droids.
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    Yes, If you want a U-3PO that badly, subsititute TC-14 or repaint a C-3PO.
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    Or just scratch of the paint!
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    I wouldn't mind one, but there are more important figures that should be made first.
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