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    Thumbs up The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    There are only two characters (three if you count Obi-Wan's ghost) who appear in every film of the Saga. But one of these doesn't get enough credit. That's why I'm starting this thread to recognize the heroism and greatness of the true hero of the Saga: C-3PO!

    If not for Threepio, the heroes of the Rebellion would have been crushed by the trash compactor. Echo Base would have been overrun by Snowtroopers. Anakin and Padme would not have had a legal witness to sign their marriage certificate. The Ewoks wouldn't have been able to spring their ambush, since the Imperials wouldn't run into the forest to chase teddy bears.

    No one would know what R2-D2 was saying. An entire clan of Jawas would not have had decent last rites. Owen Lars would never have purchased R2-D2, and Tank or Fixer would have ended up with the holo from Leia.

    Jabba the Hutt wouldn't have been able to make himself understood. Kit Fisto would have no reason to smile. CG would not have been explored to its fullest extent in the droid factory. There would have been no circuits or gears to donate to R2-D2 after the Battle of Yavin.

    The Princess would have developed an ulcer worrying about Han and Luke on Hoth. And she would have lost her virtue aboard the Falcon during the escape in the asteroid field, possibly taking up more time than was necessary and resulting in TIEs locating the Rebels.

    The Lars family homestead would have fallen into disrepair following Shmi's abduction, because it's obvious Owen won't do any work. R2-D2 would not have been able to lock the door in Mos Eisley and would have been found by Stormtroopers.

    And, most importantly, Padme's hord'ouvres would have been cold!!

    Sing the praises of anyone you want. Me, I choose to recognize the true hero of the galaxy, and the greatest character in the Star Wars series. (Well, after Teek.)
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    Don't forget that he also inspired the Joan Rivers character in Spaceballs.
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    Who woulda held Little Orphan Ani's flag at the Boonta Eve race had 3PO not been there?
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    If it wasn't for C-3PO, the Shield Generator would have never been taken down, and Vader would still be evil because the Ewoks would have had feasted on a Han Sandwichs, Chewy ka-bobs, and Flame broiled Luke.

    With Han and Chewbaca gone, Lando would have probably been allowed to keep the Falcon. So, I guess he got screwed over.
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    Don't we have something better to do than outing robots?
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    When did that finally happen?

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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    Threepio rocks! I love C-3PO, he's always been one of my favorites. I love how he always feels helpless and doomed, yet he's a natural quick-thinker when the chips are down, he lies with ease to anybody's face. Plus, he doesn't take guff from R2 or Han, he speaks his mind when someone kicks sand in his face - sure, he's a bit whiny, but consider that he's basically a diplomacy droid so he's well outside of his element. Also, 3PO puts voice to the racism that is part of the "normal way of life" in the Star Wars universe, Lucas put that in there for a reason, and 3PO fleshes it out (so to speak).

    Finally, only C-3PO can actually tell the story of Star Wars complete with actual sound effects even when he wasn't there to witness the event!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    Threepio and Artoo are awesome.
    As a kid, they were my absolute favorites. My mom must have bought at least 5 or 6 of each Artoo and Threepio. I'd just wear the darn toys out.

    That's another beef I have with much of the EU - the lack of the droids.
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    oh, man... "little orphan ani" and "han sandwiches" - i'm dyin' here!!!!
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    Re: The Official C-3PO Appreciation Thread!!!

    I love Artoo but I hate that POS Threepio. I find him incredibly annoying and very feminine.

    You'll hear no appreciation from me.

    (I wasn't going to delve into the gay thing as hinted by JP because I'm uneasy about the stereotyping involved...but over the years I have heard that opinion from several different people and of course he's a robot so it's not an issue but it did lead me to wonder, is Anthony Daniels gay?)

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