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    Most spent: $225 for the Illusive Original Yoda from '95; which is probably my second most cherished.
    Most cherished: Darth Vader statue (seen behind GL on the SE videos).
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

    Trusty traders / buyers/ sellers: Tycho, SK99, DarthChuckMC, minirock(X2), Lman316, Turbowars

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    ... I forgot... I spent $475 for a suit of armor...
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

    Trusty traders / buyers/ sellers: Tycho, SK99, DarthChuckMC, minirock(X2), Lman316, Turbowars

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    $800 for a Deluxe Don Post Darth Vader mask

    $800 for a Deluxe Scout Trooper Mask + more for armor to go with it.

    As far as toys go, $150 on a vintage AT AT (before the reissue).

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    mine is a little opposite here....I got the original marvel starwars comics 1 -107 (all of em) with 2's 3's and 4's of each + the original blue bordered complete card set with 2 complete sets of stickers and a film cell from the original film (before it went to theatres) and Mark Hamill's autograph. I got all this for 80 bucks from Pete Hamill, Mark's cousin. I used to live very near him and a good friend of mine worked with him and hooked us up. He was just excited to give this stuff to someone he knew would appreciate it and take extra special care of it! I feel very lucky and very blessed for that!

    As for my favorite most cherished piece, I can't decide...probably all of my vintage stuff! and that mentioned above!
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    $160 an a complete set of 12" CANTINA MEMBERS.

    $5.99 for a 1985 POTF DESERT SKIFF at PLAYWORLD. thats my most cherished piece!

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    80.00 US for a Bwing exclusive ship.

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    Wing and a prayer

    $70US for same as above. Must have been a slow day on ebay. Sux to be a Canadian SW Collector
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    marmit boba fett and sandtrooper,$89.00 each

    don post classic action vader helmet, $130.00

    unofficial luke ROTJ saber hilt,$125.00

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    mine was...

    Millennium Falcon - $75

    This was just after the new figures came out in 95'.
    I had always wanted one when I was a kid but my parents always told me it was too expensive.
    Now it has a true place of prominance in my collection room with a vintage ESB Han Solo and Chewie in the cockpit.
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    Almost spent $5,000 for the Darth Vader lifesize statue at FAO. Or the $2,500 Han in Carbonite Block. Not!

    Didn't buy either but always have fond memories of the two bucks that I spent in TRU for the vintage Imperial Shuttle and AT-AT (a buck each) way back then.
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