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    good question..should be most spend for the best 175.00 for a Jedi speeder Pedal bike , 100.00 early bird set , and 40.00 for a vintage SW bike..12" kids and for other items that where not good value,,hummm...150.00 sears cantina boxed, and 75.00 cloud city boxed...and lord the protos...

    anything anyone bought from Ep1 was worth less than they paid anytime...junk.
    " there's an idiot born everyday...just check EBAY.."

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    Well what can I say - OUCH, I payed 120 for the POTF2 12" Speeder Bike & Scout.

    I had to buy it, as it's such a cracking piece. Well sculpted etc. The best 12" to date.

    Just goes to show how the UK gets ripped off on prices.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison


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