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    what is the most you spent for a star wars item?

    tell us the most u spent on a star wars item and your most cherished star wars item?

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    It's one in the same, the vintage Imperial Shuttle. I spent $85 on E-bay. It came w/ the orginal box and papers. Also part of the shuttle was actually still in bags. It so beautiful.
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    The most I've spent was for a $75 dollar AT-AT,which broke 3 days
    later.Needless to say,I dont have a AT-AT anymore,but I do
    have more action figures

    And my most cherished SW item is my set of Taco Bell toys
    from when the 20th Anni happened.
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    I dont spend more than retail.

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    I spent 85.00 on a AT-AT and my most cherished item would be the falcon. Something about it has always got to me even when I was a kid.
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    12" Speeders

    The most I've spent was $50 for a boxed 12" Speeder with Scout. I just made the purchase last week so I consider myself lucky to have gotten it.

    It looks great next to my 12" Speeder with Luke ($19.90 on clearance @ Target.) Those two are my most cherished SW toys so far!!!

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    The most I ever spent was $120 on a vintage loose Has Solo in Carbonite. It is in more than absolute perfect condition. Not even a scratch. I have it in a neat dispay case.
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    Spent $150 on my Boba Fett tattoo.
    Does that count as an item? It is my own personal item!!
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    Most spent: $95 on a loose POTF Han in Carbonite
    Most cherished: probably my vintage Greedo (2nd figure I ever got. 1st [Jawa] got lost) or my snow hat with Ewok logo.
    Best deal: $1 on a SW bedsheet at a garage sale where the sheet wasn't even a sale item, just underneath the things being sold!
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    $299 for USA FF Weequay on e-bay.
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