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    Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    Like on the Colbert Report.

    For the first time in a while, we're getting pack-ins with our figures in the Saga Collection, which are miniature hologram figures and character-specific stands. Which pack-ins of the past did you love/hate?

    *Hologram stickers (1997)
    *Freeze Frames (1998)
    *Flashback Photos (1998)
    *COMMTech Chips (1999)
    *Force Files (2000-2001)
    *Transparent Star Wars stands (2003)
    *Gray/black Star Wars stands (2004-2005)
    *Mini hologram figures (2006)
    *Character-specific stands (2006)

    They all seem a little unnecessary to me. If I wanted all this crap, I'd buy it . . . just give me the damn figure! Call me crazy, but I kind of like having more accessories that were actually in the films!

    The stickers were more of an add-on to the package than anything.

    Freeze Frames were pointless to anyone without a projector . . . and also pointless to people who did have projectors.

    FB photos were okay for the limited run they had, but I wouldn't want to ever see them again (Evolutions is a better way of showing the changes of the characters).

    The chips were a good idea, but were executed terribly. None of the real actors voiced the chips, except for maybe Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best. Also, there were too many background characters with no lines that just sounded dumb on the figure. They worked well as stands, at least.

    Force Files were kind of cool. I liked the little stories and things, but those made-up stats (like Force Sensitivity and crap like that) were useless.

    The different stands were pretty good for display. The black ones were the best as they could interconnect with one another, but I liked how the clear ones don't detract from the natural look of the figure in dioramas.

    The holos appear to be cool, but useless for the most part. It's gonna be a real b*tch to try to get all of them, especially since they're randomly packed. I suppose they'll look cool apart from the figures but I hope they don't make too many of them. I already see that there's 2 different Dookus, so that likely means we'll have a buttload of variations.

    The new stands look very nice, even though there are misspellings on the Leia and Chewie ones. I really like how the film's name is on the base itself, but I forsee that there'll be many errors down the road with these.
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    I sort of liked the Force Files, I though it was a great idea and gave the younger crowd something to use a backdrop for another story not seen in the Star Wars films.
    The holo figures are a cool idea as well and would work provided that the same holos are with the same figures. ie if leia boushh lets say was the only way to get a holo of boba fett, etc.
    I also liked the coins that came from the vintage POTF line, still searching for a cheap Han Carbonite coin, as it is the only one I need.
    As far as the holo stickers, freeze frames, comm tech chips can do without. The stands were a cool idea as far as displaying the figures, but they had trouble fitting together.
    I also agree with the idea of having movie specific weapons or bases but if that's the case make it accurate, not semi-accurate. And as far as the bases, make them fit in multiple configirations, unlike the senate bases for ROTS.
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    It remains for me to see what the mini-holograms look like. I'd hope they're like the Obi-wan hologram that came with Saga Bail Organa but probably not. Either way though I don't really need them unless they're from the films. The best packins have been the clear stands or scene-specific stands such as those that came with later saga figures and in the ROTS line...though the latter could have done with more variety. I don't insist on pack-ins but if we get them so be it.

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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    I actually prefer pack-ins that enhance the toy, like character / environment stands, such as the one that came with the most recent Saga Hoth Luke, or Dagobah Luke. I also dig really big accessories. I think they make the figure look that much cooler on display. Otherwise I like the clear stands best.

    I was never really a fan of the Freeze-frame because it was used as a cover for jacking up the price of figures $2.00 (I am still angry). The commtech chip was okay, and could be used as a stand as well. I didn't really care either way about the sticker, I thought they made the cards look worse.

    I am curious about the holos, but I a refuse to buy an extra figure or a repack just to get a specific holo, which is what this is probably all about... Hasbro's marketing department can kiss my bum.
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    Nice title, I love The Colbert Report!!!

    As for the pack-ins, I'm rather torn. I like getting a little something extra with my purchase, but a sticker applied to a card is nothing extra. Look at the Marvel Legend figures. Now that's a pack-in.

    I know we will not get anything close to that but I think we as American collectors got screwed on the bonus pit & battle droids. I'm still after the 3 pit droids that came with the Naboo Royal Guard and Darth Sidious.

    The mini holos sound cool but collecting them is probably going to be a problem. I see theft, switching, hoarding and scalping in our future once again.

    Stands are always great as long as the figure can actually stand on it. I give you the Queen Amidala Celebration Ceremony transitional figure as an example.

    I guess I would like Hasbro to give us great figures and then give some attention to pack-ins. As long as it does not detract from the figure being good.
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    The chips were a good idea, but were executed terribly. None of the real actors voiced the chips, except for maybe Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best.
    I thought most of them were taken from the movie. Mace Windu and Watto come to mind as examples.

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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    *Hologram stickers (1997)-enhances packaging,thats cool for peple who do the sealed scene.Feel the same on all these pack-ins if it makes the package look better...however, play-value?Well the stickers were adhered to the card not much PV to that. (If they had been in the package it would have been improvement) (alaBendemFigures) *Freeze Frames (1998)-Best of the lot (seeing as vintage pack-ins were not mentioned COINS!!!! blows holes in everything else)The Freeze Frames was the closest Hasbro came to the coins of yesteryear especially with the send away stuff like the slide folders and macrobinocular slide viewer. You know a perfect research into this survey should involve watching what goes for what on EBay and I'd be pretty suprised if it was not this line (ie Weequay).
    *Flashback Photos (1998)Promotion was cool and shortlived or should I say because it was shortlived it was cool,transition stuff should always have little extra ummph and then makeway for the longer lines
    *COMMTech Chips (1999)They blew it with these,awesome concept I can remember back in 1999 looking at the new pictures of these in Toyfair in Borders and thinking how great the would be and also the dissapointment I felt when they did not use the actors from the movie for the dialog R2,Destroyer Droid were't bad but I guess beeps and blasts isn't hard to get licensing for. Never understood why they didnot use real actors voices and I am just assuming it was copyright dogma.
    *Force Files (2000-2001)-I liked these, sort of remineisent of G.I.Joe File Cards and Transformer Tech Specs.The extra backgroud on charcters is well conceived and I think help younger collectors into the universe.Although having read as much EU as I have noticing discrepincies in a fairly common lore made me grit my teeth a bit-nice idea though could've gone longer.
    *Transparent Star Wars stands (2003)stands nowadays should be standard
    *Gray/black Star Wars stands (2004-2005)stands nowadays should be standard
    *Mini hologram figures (2006)I'm a little lost on this idea, if it's the same mini on the same figure fine (ex Vader gets mini Emperor) if it's random pack (ex Vader gets mini Emperor or Clone Trooper or Obi-Wan or Padme etc.)Well I"ll just start banging my head against the wall now. Hasbro I'm sure realizes that collectors are like junkies and just can't get enough. I will dip into my sons college fund and go out and find each 3" figure and buy the ten different versions of Holo pack in that comes with each 3" figure running me into the ground only to eat PBJ sandwhiches for the rest of my life.Man...I hope it's the same Holo in each.
    *Character-specific stands (2006)This could have been best realized through a box set (sort of like EPI acc. sets)Reason Being is maybe specific stand for Luminara is nice but you woul prefer it on a better version of the toy and don't want to buy a less desireable sculpt only to acheive the specific stand.Put em in a box set!!!

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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    I like the stands... I'd prefer more location-specific stands like the ones we have had periodically for the last couple years. Oh, well... who cares what I have to say?
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    I've been quite the fan of several of the pack-ins mainly the Freeze Frames and the CommTech chips. The Freeze Frames was a really unique way to produce and add in and was one of my favorite looking cards. The Commtech Chips too were both unique and functional.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I thought most of them were taken from the movie. Mace Windu and Watto come to mind as examples.
    I'm pretty sure most of them were indeed taken from the movie. The one that strikes me is the Luke figure. When you cue up one of his sounds it's a phrase from the end battle of ANH and you can hear the X-Wing sounds on the chip.
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    Re: Pack-ins: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I thought most of them were taken from the movie. Mace Windu and Watto come to mind as examples.
    Maybe it's just the poor sound quality on the reader, but Watto sounds way higher and nasally than he did in the film. (At least as I remember; I haven't used it in some time.)

    I'll have to listen to them again, but I'm fairly sure that they're not from the film. If they're from the actors, well, I think they must have re-recorded the lines for the figures, since I remember some of the wordings being slightly different (like on Queen Amidala, for example). It seemed to me like there were three or four different guys who could kind of simulate the voices, as many of the voices sounded similar to each other.
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