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    Lucas collection - good starting point to get some figures that may never see retail!

    It started with the online Wedge. So we've now seen the pictures of half of the upcoming Lucas figures. The Baron figures looks high end and I'll bet each figure will be at least $10 a piece, if not $15.


    We keep hearing we won't see certain figures because they won't sell. I say Hasbro should make high quality, expensive figures available online and make their money for those figures through high prices, if not volume.

    I nominate:

    2. Episode II/III Beru
    3. Episode II/III Owen
    4. Cliegg Lars
    5. Queen of Alderaan
    6. So many of us want more Padme figures, the list is endless: Episode I
    purple travel gown Padme, Episode III Senator Padme. There is that
    whole other thread about bringing back the Princess Collection.
    7. They could do funeral procession Padme with the creatures pulling the
    8. Birthing room Padme with the birthing room droids.
    9. Padme's family from the cut scenes in Episode II/last scene Episode III
    10. Episode II Queen Jamilla
    11. The Queen of Naboo in Episode III
    12. The Tonnika Sisters
    13. General Tagge
    14. Commander Willard
    15. Red Leader (a real sculpt this time)
    16. Captain Needa
    17. Kitster/Wald
    18. Sim Aloo
    19. Lumat/Warok/Romba (if they think Ewok's won't sell)
    20. Black Bespin Guard
    21. Tatooine cut scene Biggs
    22. Ak-Rev/Umpass-Stay
    23. Corde
    24. Dorme
    25. Naboo clergy that married Anakin and Padme
    26. Guard that shot Luke in the hand on the sail barge (Taym Dren-Garen)
    27. Jocasta Nu

    The list goes on and on and on. BRING IT HASBRO!

    So everybody buy the Lucas Collection! Show Hasbro it will work!

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    Yeah I'm really looking foreward to the lucas collection myself. If only hasbro listened to what we want instead of telling us what we want then we'd have these figures by now. Oh well.

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    LOL!!!! That is so true. There are so many figures that we have asked for and have gotten slighted on. I hope that this does start a trend... and one that they aren't going to financially rape us for.
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    I hope this isnt some gimick by Hasbro, using the Lucas name as a reason to make the same figures with a higher price tag. I'm still skeptical at this point. Thats what it sounds like so far.
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    Don't forget Tey How and Daultay Dofine.

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    It will be nice to see the direction that hasbro is going with he new figures. I hope that they will have to get back to taking care of the collectors because, let's face it, this line is only going to survive on collectors. I don't think that the Star Wars franchise can pull its weight on the new TV show unless the quality of it is exceptional. Star Wars is as popular now because of the Star Wars fans having children that fit into this age demographic. However, we have not out grown our toys! So, we buy the figures for ourselves and our little ones

    So, more collector quality figures. figures that are wanted by us, not Darth Vader with Backhanded Pimp Smacking Action!!!!:lipsrseal

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    I think it will be background characters played by the Lucas family only. I dont hthink it will produce Yarna and others. The only reason it says Lucas collection is because it will cost more and it validates the extra charge in his eyes.
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    I agree with KH. This lucas collection isn't going to be a special collection of other "never before made" figures that collectors have wanted for years. It is just a four figure collection all gimmicked up so that we will pay the $10-15 so we can have some prequel figures that aren't offered anywhere else. That is all there is to it!

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    oh boy, now we can build the operahouse dioramas we have all been dreaming off!!! Sarcasm aside, I am glad they are actually in the movie (Sacul pilot figure) this will get more people to take the wallet rape with a smile and a "thank you sir may I please have another."
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    Meh- so they cost a little more- that's a shame, but they're still figures we would be unlikely to get through regular retail channels. I'm glad they're bringing them out. I'll happily snap them up and am grateful to Hasbro for finding a way to produce them.

    Has there been any confirmation of what the remaining two will be? With Baron Papanoida and Ter Taneel being the first two, I would have thought it would be a safe bet to assume that the others will be Chi Eekway and Zett Jukasta.


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