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    Question Princess Leia Green Card Flashback

    Ok, I'm doing an inventory on all of my Star Wars items and I came across my 'Princess Leia in ceremonial dress with medal of honor .01, Queen Amidala without make-up on Flash Back photo'.

    My problem is, I'm looking in "Star Wars: Super Collector's Wish Book" and it has the figure listed. It is listed twice, one with Queen Amidala with makeup and one without makeup. The problem is, the book only lists it as .00 and I have .01.

    Does anyone know if there was a .00 release of this figure? I'm hoping it's a typo in the book and it should be .01.
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    According to the old Database the .00's are salesman's samples and very rare. There's a couple of photos of this variation in the old Database if you want to see them. So sorry this isn't a typo, just a super rare variation.
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