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Thread: I'm back

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    I'm back

    So sorry I have been gone for awhile, let me explain.

    I was on my way home from work one night and someone was broke down on the side of the road. I stopped to give them assistance. While I was looking under the hood of this womans car, I was hit in the head with a crow bar. I awoke several days later and was tied to a chair in a basement. I was fed three times a day and allowed to use the bathroom in shackles.

    After about three days I found out I was being held prisoner by the YA-YA sisterhood. I had been planning my escape for about three days when I finally had a chance to do so. As I was untied, I swung wildly at the woman, I broke her nose and she dropped like a bag of trash. I then grabbed the other one by the neck. I was squeezing her throat for dear life whgen we were suddenly wisked away to Narnia. I then found out she was Lucy, High Queen of Narnia. There she was scolded by the Lion Aslan. After her public flogging by him, we were sent on a mission to free some people. After that we were allowed to come back to our real time. It was hell, but I am back.
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    Any "Stockholm Syndrome" issues from your time being held?

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    Welcome back, can I sell you a discount Lego Millennium Falcon ?

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    welcome back KH!

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    The sad part is that I almost believed you KH. It's good to have you back. It hasn't been the same without you.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    You were gone? Well, I'll be damned.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Did your kidnappers shave your beard in an attempt to harness your KHness?
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Welcome back. Good to see you again!!

    And just to fill you in, that wasn't Lucy of Narnia. It was Mrs. Herman Edwards.
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    You were gone? eh didn't really notice anything missing JK....long live the KH and the
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    It's about dang time!

    BTW, remember way back when I said you could have my collection when I died? I lied.
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