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    Talking What do you think about the new - Unleashed Battle Packs?

    Houston, Texas here well the New Unleashed Battle Packs have arrived at local Wal-marts on a split pallet of their exclusive Attacktix Starter Box the other side is filled with the new Unleashed Battle Packs fairly evenly allocated for a pallet.

    This first series is four battle scenes at 9.88 each. The paint on these are fairly good, but they just seem to remind of the old green army men for about 2.50 a piece.

    Well, still picked them up for now, but with the onslaught of star wars products and exclusives they may end up being returned.

    I have not seen these at Targets or TRU.


    Good Luck,

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    I'll pass on these...

    I want the 6" Unleashed. These are a petty excuse to satisfy the retailers who complain that the Unleashed line are at too high of a price point. $9.88 for a pack of 4 2" "army men" seems pretty overpriced to me. Really, what is the difference between these, Attactix and the Miniatures game? Hasbro really needs to stick to making 3 3/4" action figures and let other companies who specialize in this king of scale make them.

    Bring back 6" Unleashed ASAP!!!!!

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    After looking at them on Rebelscum, for sure I won't be buying any of them now. I hope they warm the pegs forever. I hope they are a flop at retailers. Die hard Unleashed collectors like me will boycott them. Everytime I see them on the pegs it will only remind me of the 6" Unleashed. Kids can't play with them. Maybe scalpers will buy them and not be able to turn a profit Ha Ha. Waste of plastic. Hasbro blew it big time with these I hope we'll see.

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    I haven't seen them at stores, but saw several at Comic Con. What do I think? They're poop.
    That's my jacket!

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    I dont think there that bad to tell you the truth. I ordered them from ebay for about 10 bucks each and got them today. They really look awesome and loo great with the rest of my collection. You just have to give them a chance. And its not like the 6 inch line is gone forever. Its starting up again in march. So quit your belly acking and gibe them a chance.

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    Actually, I'm not bellyaching about the larger-scale figures going on hiatus. Unless they've markedly changed from the samples I saw in July, they're rather poorly made and look like freebies you'd get from the bakery at the local supermarket to put on a Star Wars birthday cake.
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    Good one Chuxter!

    I hope these totally backfire on Hasbeen. As Collectors we need to send them a strong message that we will not settle for cheap overpriced pieces of plastic and that we will only spend our HARD EARNED CASH on worthwhile QUALITY 6" sculpts. It is every Collectors' duty to boycott these 2" abominations of the Unleashed line. When Hasbeen sees what a loss they are to their profits after they warm the pegs for months and retailers are forced to clearance them out at giveaway prices maybe they will get back to focusing their efforts on the 6" sculpts of characters we are dying to see Unleashed.

    And with that, I acknowledge the guy whose signature says "Hasbro YOU SUCK!!!"

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    You know when you look at them up close they truly have alot more detail then you think. Think on the bright side. This might be the only chance we'll see unleashed figures of say cody gree or any of the others regardless of their size. They are not at all like little freebies youd put on a birthday cake. I think these will be a success and could easily co exist with the 6-inch line. So if your making fun of these your also making fun of the star wars miniatures game and attacktix. They look like crap compared to these(except the battle droids which are the only ones that look like crap). So as they say dont judge a book by its cover, dont judge an unleashed figure by its size.

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    As far as the Unleashed are concerned... SIZE DOES MATTER!!!

    Attactix are GAY!!! What is the point? So Hasbro can keep all of the Asian workers who make those BIG FAT POINTESS MISSILE SHOOTERS employed!!!

    As for the minatures, I'm not into gaming so I could care less.

    Remember, even the 3 3/4" figures were used to decorate birthday cakes (see One Year Anniversary poster).

    The 6" Unleashed are works of art. They are SCULPTURES not figures or "Army Men". If Hasbro wants to make a line of 2" figures then call them something else like Mini-Meesa or some BS like that but don't call them Unleashed when CLEARLY they are not.

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    I saw these tonight at WM and wasn't too impressed with the figures themselves but I do like how they're displayed in the packaging. And the packaging itself is quite neat too but like it was stated they look like little green army men.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!


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