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    Talking Is the Princess Leia Comic-Con 2005 Figure worth picking up?

    Is the Princess Leia Comic-Con 2005 Figure worth picking up?

    Is this some rehash or even worth the 11.00 for a non-mint or 14.00 for a mint one from, seems they have put these up for sale on their site. Check it out if you haven't.

    Opinions or input appreciated...


    Good Luck,

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    It is a decent pick up. I got one and it is OK at best. Not too shabby, but the one thing I dont like is that she has her arms posed like she is shooting, but there are no weapons.
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    Mint.. non-mint.. heheheheh

    It's junk, I passed on it. I have the R2 with mini-Holo Leia, which actually looked liked it appeared in the film. If you don't have it, you might consider buying that one instead of the Comic Con exclusive.
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    It really all depends on you. Are you a completist ?? If so then the answer would be yes, pick it up. If not then pass. I figure is alright and since it is a rehash of the POTF Princess Leia "New likeness" figure, it really isn't worth the $14. I agree with the statement about looking for the Comm Tech R2 with Holo Leia as it is more movie accurate.
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    Talking Lei in stock again at along with the wedge fig.

    Lei in stock again at along with the wedge fig.

    most of got a batch in or fixed their online system.

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    Actually I found a use for it. It is great in a diorama of Ben Kenobi's house using 12" figures!

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    The Comic Con Leia was on I can't find if it is still there.

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    It seems its gone now, but its popped up twice now since my first post, you might still get lucky if you keep checking.

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    I'd pick up one of these if it reappeared on but as of now I don't see it listed. Does it appear under the Convention Items area, or are you just searching for it?
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    If you are checking, go to the action figure sub link on left hand side, which pulls up all figs for sale, which is the fast way and most reliable way since links to the items constantly change as they sell out of particular items.

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