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    Have Seperation of the Twins,Holo Emperor,Covert Oops Trooper,more

    Here is a list of my wants/haves.Please PM with any offers.Thanks!


    Black TIE Pilot
    Blue Royal Guard
    Red Royal Guard


    Silver Clone Trooper (TRU)
    Holographic Yoda (TRU)
    Holographic Emperor (TRU)
    Covert Ops Trooper (SW.Com)
    Holographic Leia (SDCC/SW.Com) x 2
    Wedge Antilles (SW.Com)
    Clonetrooper DVD 3-Pack (WM:crease on the III on front of package)
    Seperation of the Twins (WM) Bail Organa w/Leia x 3
    Obi-Wan w/Luke x3


    Commtech Figures

    Princess Leia w/Hood*
    Admiral Motti*

    SAGA Figures

    2/53------Yoda/Jedi High Council
    2/54------Rebel Trooper/Tantive IV
    2/55------Imperial Officer
    3/1-------OB1/Acklay Battle
    3/2-------Mace Windu/Arena Confrontation
    3/3-------Darth Tyrannus/Geonosis Escape
    3/4-------Padme'/Droid factory Chase
    3/6-------Tusken Raider/Tatooine Ambush
    3/9-------R2D2/Droid Factory
    3/14------Chewbacca/Mynock Hunt
    3/25------Darth Maul/Theed Hanger Duel
    3/26------Princess Leia/Imperial Captive
    3/27------Han Solo/Flight to Alderaan
    3/30------Emperor/Throne Room
    3/31------Darth Vader/DS Clash
    McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper*

    any/all Hall of Fame Figures (10 in all)


    otc11------Scout Trooper
    otc23------Tusken Raider
    otc35------Han Solo/ATST Driver
    otc36------General Madine
    otc38------Imperial Scanning Trooper*

    all repacks from 5/9-5/16*

    * High Priority

    Deals for Exclusive/Hard to find figures will be considered!!!!(Lava Vader,Shadow Trooper,Attack on the Jedi temple,etc)

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    1 SDCC Leia is gone as is the Wedge Antilles Exclusive!

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    Only 1 set of TWINS left!

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