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    GIJoe and Transformers DVDs: WTF?

    I'm going to ask this here, since several of my fellow denizens of SSG tend to know a lot more about DVDs, and I can't find any info on this:

    What happened to the TF and Joe DVDs?

    I'm missing a few of the GIJoe season sets, and last night started to look around online. No one has these new anymore. Out of curiosity, I checked out the Transformers, though I have them all. Same thing.

    Transformers finished up their DVDs over a year ago, but the GIJoe series ended with Season 2 Part 1 (which implies at least one more volume) came out in August of 2004 and has already apparently vanished.

    Jeez, I couldn't afford to drop $40 the day these came out, so Rhino's gonna screw me? WTF?
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    Most of the Transformer dvds were just recently discontinued. According to the Discountinued Dvds part of a Home Theatre forum (link below) the individual volumes were discontinued on 11/16/05. And the box sets were discontinued around 06/18/05.

    Rhino lost the publishing license to G.I. Joe, because of AOL/Time Warner I believe, so you will probably never see G.I.J season 2-Pt2 or any other season.

    The Transformer dvds could have been discountined for the same reason as G.I.J, the studio, Rhino.
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    Your best chance is to check out Barnes and Nobles and Borders along with FYE. I have seen these still around....I need a couple TF's myself.
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    Wow, this really sucks. I have the first few GI Joe and Transformers but I was waiting to pick up the rest when I had some extra money.
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    Yeah, I've been searching. These are too recent and were produced in too large of quantities to truly be hard-to-find. I'm sure one of these mall stores that overcharges will have some, and they'll still be cheaper than the scalpers.

    I can't imagine that these won't somehow be reissued, either by Rhino or another company. I mean, I can get freaking Punky Brewster on DVD if I'm ever dropped on my head and lose all reasoning faculties, thus finding that show entertaining.
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    I saw a few of the box sets out and the prize was waaaaay to much for me. Had it been in the price range of 'The Simpsons' I would have picked it up but not at $50.

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    Have no fear Hasbro is here!!!!!

    This is great news if you ask me....hopefully others will be on the wagon if/when the re-release these properties....especially if we can get all of GI Joe this time, and not just 3/4 of the series.
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    Good news and possibly bad news. Hasbro's releasing two DVD sets of 3-part miniseries with three figures for GIJoe, and announcing the TF 3-parter will be released with a 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime (AGAIN?!?!?). If they do standard releases, great. If not, this will be one hell of an expensive way to complete the series.

    I seem to recall Hasbro making a statement about the two announced Joe sets as being a way to get the DVDs in the hands of fans, and seemed a bit clueless about actual mainstream distribution.
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    Looking forward to getting those.
    I wish and hope somehow we could get a definitive and complete GI Joe DVD set that you don't have to pay a fortune for or wasn't a bootleg.

    BTW: If you click on the image of one of those toys for the DVD pack at HTS, there are four figures, and one of them is Sgt. Stalker in a yellow (error) uniform with what looks like a jet-pack or something. That 25th carded yellow-camo variation of him in wave one is still going for an astronomical price.
    It would be cool to get him in that yellow suit. That might bring the prices down, or at least we could get him for loose display.
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    Jeez, when the Transformers 25th Anniversary DVD hit the shelves they made it sound like the episode DVD's would quickly follow. Now it looks like they were speaking a bit out of turn as they didn't even have the rights to the episodes then. Now I hope when these finally come out that they are reasonably priced and not sold off in $60-70 box sets.
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