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    Coruscant Dio including Cyro's Squad

    I finally finished up my Coruscant dio. When I made my Commander Cyro, I had no idea I'd be making something so awesome for him to be displayed in. I finished up the rest of his squad too and I think they turned out great too. I painted them more like shock troops to set them apart from him more. The dio is not completely finished as I have to fill it up with different characters. The dio is a combo of pics i've seen of Coruscant so I wasn't really aiming for any particular location. I used the pics for reference. All the graphics are created in photoshop except for the side wall in the third picture and the middle of the door with the different aliens, that's a cantina shot...hehe. Leave me some feedback!!! dio will be Valley Of the Sith from KOTR 2 and I'll also be working on characters from the movie. If anyone can help me with pics of the main characters, that would be wonderful!!!! It'll be a while before this stuff is finished, just figured I'd give a heads up. Anyway, comment away...

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    Hey! That's pretty cool! Need to make one of my own.

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    Thats great- how did you make it?
    hurray for birthdays!

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    I used cardboard and foamboard. I made the graphics in photoshop and then printed them out and glued them on. As for the pole beside the door, I used the satelite thing that came with the Clone Pilot. I cut it up and used the pieces. The middle part is just a piece of wood. Thanks for the feedback!


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