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    Conan OBrien

    Anyone catch the musical guest a few nights ago? It was a gypsy punk band, what were they called?
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    Was it the Gypsy Kings by chance?

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    Checking the episode guide, it says on 11/25 there was an act called Gogol Bordello. Looking at the Gogol Bordello website, I think it might be the band you're looking for.
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    Thumbs up! Can't wait!
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    Can't watch, no TBS (or any cable/satellite channels for that matter) and internet is too slow to watch the following day (on dial-up). Did spend all week trying to win one of those "10,000 shirts in 10 days" they gave away though. Came close once (got to the mailing address page, but it wouldn't go through). Hard to win (on dial-up no less) when they go through the entire days 1000 shirt limit in 10 seconds or less.
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