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  • Yes, I've started hunting for them in stores

    68 24.29%
  • I bought them from e-tailers or other dealers

    7 2.50%
  • No, I'll wait to hunt until actual in-store sightings

    159 56.79%
  • I'm not going to collect this line

    46 16.43%
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    Are you hunting for the Saga Collection figures yet?

    The word is on every collector's lips, the figures have started showing up in Asia, as well as e-tailers and collectors shows and such, the newest Star Wars figure line is nearly here.

    The new line - dubbed The Saga Collection by Hasbro - features the return of Original Trilogy figures after a year and a half absence which was filled by OTC repaints and, of course, the ROTS line. The Saga Collection's first wave, centered around the battle over the pit of Carkoon from ROTJ, features several new figures as well as some revisists of older figures as well.

    So with news of these figures getting closer and closer to US shores and stores, this latest poll asks collectors if they've already started looking for these new figures.

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    I'm gonna wait and hunt when I have confirmation. It seems that my area is about 3-4 weeks behind what California gets and about 1-2 weeks behind what the folks in northern Virginia find. I'm still on the lookout for the rest of the ROTS figs so these Saga ones can stay off the shelves for another month or two.
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    Define "hunting." I check the toy aisle regularly, partly for SW and partly for other toy lines. So I'm looking often, but I wouldn't say I'm actively hunting. Any chance of another choice, maybe "I'm keeping my eyes open but not actively hunting"?
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    No, I'll wait to hunt until actual in-store sightings Seeing as I work at a retail store, I will take my chances that they will show up there. If not, oh well.
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    I'm not really going out at all these days. I followed a phone tip and got the Separation of the Twins and I'll stop by stores looking for (blue) 501 Clones - but that's maybe it.

    I have no plans to buy the Carkoon Wave and am going to wait until Hoth:

    Leia Boussh - don't need, but it does look nice
    Han Carbonite - it's not the improvement I wanted - would require a Deluxe Figure
    Chewie in Chains - puh-lease....
    Boba Fett - repaint city here
    Barada - already have enough. I bought probably 6 or 7 skiff guard 3-packs
    Bib Fortuna - if I need laundry detergeant, and it's there, I might. I'm not "hunting" for him though.

    Power Droid - Oh yeah!
    General Veers - my favorite Imperial commander! Yes!
    Major Derlin - looks good. I could've cared less, but I'll buy.
    Snowtrooper - No. I have 6 carded 1997's waiting this long for Veers to command them.
    Darth Vader - wasn't he in ROTS? No thanks.
    R2-D2 - I saw him also in ROTS.
    General Reekien - I campaigned for him, and bought him as a Deluxe
    AT-AT Driver - if I really have nothing better to do with $10 I might. Probably not though.

    4x Scorch (Republic Commando) great for EU scenes from Karen Traviss' books.
    2x Sora Bulq - great Sith character developed in the EU Republic Comics
    1 or 2 x Sun Fac??
    C-3PO/Battle Droid, - no thanks
    Poggle the Lesser - also bought several 3-packs from the war room sets. nope.
    Jango Fett - NO!
    5-6 x Orange Utapaun Clone Trooper - maybe like blue clones, I'll start digging these.
    Yoda - NO!

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    I'm still hitting stores in search of the ROTS Tarkin, Separation of the Twins, and next week, the Clone Wars multipacks, so naturally, I've been keeping my eyes open for these. That said, I'm not specifically looking for these yet, and will wait until they start showing up at retail. But I definitely will buy them.
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    I'm not going to collect this line

    I stopped collecting Hasbro product back in June so I'll be passing on this line.
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    I'll keep my eye out for it but I'm not going on any extra trips until they come out en masse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai
    I'm not going to collect this line

    I stopped collecting Hasbro product back in June so I'll be passing on this line.

    June? What did Hasbro do to "p you off?" That's when they released the Destroyer Droid, Wookiee Warrior, Niemoidian, and SA Clone #41 IIRC. At least the Clone was a good figure. But Meana Tillis, AskAak, and Tarkin came later, etc. as well as Bly and Gree (repaints I know - but still...)

    ROTS was still fun to collect although the best day was April 2nd (sort of - I got a lot of them including Dooku from Wal-Mart's early release "mistake.")

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    I'm still hunting for more 501st troopers so I am out there looking, but not specifically for these. I would definitely pick most of these up if I saw them, but I think it will be another couple of weeks (at least) until they start hitting stores. I'm definitely tempted to pre-order the geonosian wave since the ones I want are listed as being short-packed.


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