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    Talking Harmless youthful mischief... share your stories!!!

    Once upon a long ago... probably back in 1986, it was a really snowy night. My friend Trevor and I were headed for the mall to Christmas shop. He was driving. On the way through a town I told him to stop the car. We skidded to a halt and I asked him to pull to the side of the road. Traffic was really non-existant because people were "scared" of the snow. Cowards!

    Anyhow... I trudged through the snow to a sign for a church. I took the letters and changed them around on both sides. The went from: "Saturday Dec 20 Breakfast with Santa" to "Saturday Dec 20 Breakfast with Satan".

    Back to the car I went and off to the mall...

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    Oh, I could write a novel on this subject.

    This one happened when I was 17. I was out camping with my BSA troop at a fall camporee. Two of my friends, we'll call them T and D, were doing an ax and knife safety demo. And two other guys from our trooper, A and J, were doing a cross cut competition. I was just hanging out with D because T could do the ax knife safety on his own and I reused to work with A and J or do the competitions with the younger boys. Well, after all the scouts had come through our stations the five of us were sitting around with three axes, two cross saws, two small saws and a large number of knifes. Mischief ensued.

    We started by doing a little ax and knife throwing (a no-no is Scouts). We got pretty good at that and became bored with it. T who had is his car close by thought we should go play lumberjack. So we loaded the stuff up and went is search of a tree. In short order we crossed on to some private property.

    After finding a nice stand of pines we proceed to chop one down with the axes. We assumed the thing would just fall once we were done. It got hung up on a second tree. So we started chop that down. In the mean time T left to try and find his way to the other of this stand of trees. We finish with the second tree and both trees fall on to a third tree. So that one got the ax.

    By this we had be gone about an hour and 2 and half since anyone had checked out us. We knew that the Scoutmaster and my dad were bound to come looking for us soon. T came back about the time we finished with the third tree. What we had was a nice tripod and no way bring it down. So we gathered some small branches and drove back to camp. When the Scoutmaster and my dad asked where we were, we answer out gathering fire wood.
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    Well. When I was about 14, two friends of mine and I started to have a little fun with fireworks, which is illegal in our state (but you can get them at the border states which was close to where I lived as a child). My one friend had a Chevette (which he told me that he got a 'Vette when he first got it). It had this horrible odor of the vinyl seats, Drakkar Noir, and KFC (where he worked). Anyways, one day we were driving down the street shooting Roman candles out the window. S was driving, I was in the backseat, and G was shooting them out of the passenger window at about 1am while driving down the streets. Then, a car comes up to the intersection. G doesn't drop the candle, rather he puts it into the car. Meanwhile, this 12 shot Roman candle keeps shooting into the floorboard in the front seat, filling up the car with smoke and the flashes of different colors from the fireworks. I wish I could have been in the other car and seen it from the outside

    Also that same summer we had a little fun with trashcan baseball in the alleys. The best one was perched up on a stand so that rats coudn't get into it! T-Time!!!!!

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    20 some years ago, back in the days of the old Comisky (sp? but who cares) park, me and three friends went to a White Sox game (before I alligned with the Cubs). On the way back, two of the guys in the car started mooning folks along the drive home on the expressway. I was laughing so hard as we passed a car full of young ladies, then a car with four old ladies, which I could hear all collectively scream. No one got hurt nor arrested, but I wouldn't suggest anyone try it these days where everyone will sue anyone.
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    Me and a friend would go to Taco Bell after we were at the bar till four in the morning. We would get the 10 back of tacos and burritos mixed. Whatever we didnt eat, got tossed onto unsuspecting windshields. We also did this with Cream Donuts from Dunkin Donuts. We would buy a dozen, eat one or two then smash the rest on windshields.
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    My brother got cute a few years back and set an dead oak tree on fire in my neighbors front yard. The stupidest thing I ever did was when I was seventeen. I was at Basic Training at Fort Jackson South Carolina. Ther were these fiberglass crappers. A few for the Privates, and two few the Cadre. Some reson our company executive officer parked his Humvee about five yards away. Me and another soldier we hooked one of the crappers up to his Hummer with some chain. We just wanted to see him drag it down the road. When he did there just happened to be a Drill Sergeant inside it. Needless to say it was funny as hell until it tipped over. A couple weeks later I was able to trap a Possum. I dropped it in the Cadres crapper in that nasty blue water. The Drill that went in came hauling tale out saying something was hissing and growling in the hole. From what we observed they quit using the fibre glass crappers after that.
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    So, when I was 17 (which wasnt that long ago) this girl in my class, known for pranks, gathered a bunch of those big plastic leaf bags that look like pumpkins from various yards and decided to fill my car with leaves when I left the sunroof off one night. Bad idea, as I was stilled mad about having male genitalia drawn all over my windows with a paint marker.........

    I asked my friends where I might find a nice piece of roadkill, a raccoon or something. One said "Hey, there a dead dear out by the golfcourse....its been there a few days, it stinks so bad the DNR wont pick it up." PERFECT.

    Oh yeah, it was the middle of July.

    Me and my 2 friends T and Z drove T's ghetto Ford Taurus out to find it. Yeah, it stunk! We kind of wrapped it in a tarp and threw it in the trunk, on the verge of hurling. So we drove back to town, this junk cars radiator was shot so we had to keep the heat BLASTED so it wouldnt overheat. That multiplied the smell by about 1,000,000 or so.

    We got to this chicks house and me at Z were going to throw it in the yard. I guess he planned on propping it up so he had some metal rods in the trunk..........when we pulled mr deer out his stomach or whatever got caught on a rod and spilled poo all over the inside of T's trunk. So gross. No propping happened.

    The next morning this chick had a surprise in her yard so stinky the first DNR guy threw up all over the yard and had to call someone else in, and T had a trunk full of doo doo and maggots.

    After reading this, I realize this is quite an awful story.........for shame.
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    Oh my, I almost lost the contents of my stomach just now reading your story Rebo.
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    Great tale Rebo's. We did a yard mission one time also. There was this old man who would hang out of the window across the street from the school yard we would play wiffle ball at. He was dubbed the mayor becuase thats all he did all day. He would yell at us to leave the school yard at 4pm becuase we made to much noise. One night we drove around the neighborhood and collected about 30-40 lawn ornaments. We then set them up on his stoop. Wish I could have seen his face when he went for the morning paper.
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    This needs little background first. I went to a small private alternative high school/middle school, so nothing that happened there was normal. Second, I love taking the screws out of stuff (but more about that latter). And third I love playing practical jokes.

    My senior year of high school I decided to play a long term prank on the school. The previous year I had removed and hidden the screws for one of the lightswich cover plates. This had gone totaly unnoticed over the summer. So I decided to test my luck and see what else would go unnoticed. What I would do is take this lightswitch cover plate home with me on the weekends.

    None of the staff never figured out I was doing. Yes, they would have said something. Yes, this was a high traffic area, the front door. In fact it wasn't until December that any students noticed.

    I was leaving that Friday and talking to my buddies Fritz the Cat and his girl friend RR. As we were walking out the door I grabbed this switch plate and put it my backpack without missing a beat. My first explanation of "Oh, I like to take this home with me for the weekend." nearly caused Fritz and RR to fall down they were laughing to hard. They thought it fit my odd ball/wise ares personality perfectly.
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