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    12" Target Speeder Bikes for Trade

    Just like the title says I have the Target exclusive 12" Speeder Bikes available for trade. The Imperial Scout and Leia are opened. They're in great shape, nothing missing. Luke is still in the box. It's dinged up but it's never been opened. I'll be happy to e-mail pics. I would like to get some of these online exclusive that are going around. Wedge, the Silver Clones, EE Clones, etc.

    Incidentally, as far as references, I have great feedback over on the LOTRguide boards, and my ebay feedback is 100% from 5 transactions with a 6th pending.

    I posted my wants in my signature but it's not displaying!

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    Please disregard, I just sold these on ebay because no one seemed interested here.
    Wanted; loose or sealed
    Blue Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter (Not Anakin's), TRU Y-Wing, TRU Gold Leader X-Wing


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