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    Anything good coming to Chicago...ever????

    So... is there anything good coming to Chicago at all? Last year was Wizard World, but Star Wars wasn't represented there. Does anyone know if we'll get a decent fair/convention this year that might have some Star Wars items???

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    The non sports card trading show had some star wars guests in chicago as does the Hollywood Collector Show sometimes..

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    No Hollywood Show this year, at least for this spring. I asked Ray why the site wasn't updated yet and he said he's had a hard time coming up with a venue so Chicago looks to be in jeopardy this year.

    Paul's Chicago show in September is awesome, he gets SW guests every year. Last year he had some new folks and a few repeats but it was a great time. No guests announced for this year yet but Paul always comes through, believe me.

    Wizard World, well I gave those f***s from C2/Official Pix a bit of a lecture last summer about the lack of guests and they blew me off by saying everybody was already out there for C3 in Indy . . . whatever.

    Anyway, this is just my opinion but I think C2/OP will be back to Wiz this year with some guests again since the midwest is dry this year without an Indy SW con. I hope.


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