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    What Is Going On!!!!!!!

    Sorry to yell, but I am freaking out. I've been to two Wal-Marts today, and nobody knows anything about the animated figure release. A third store told me that they had Star Wars figures in stock for $4.77. Why can't I find these? Are these only at Super Wal-marts? Someone else said he got his. Can anyone give me more info? PLEASE!!!!!

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    They should be released with the DVD on the pallets.
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    I am finding that only Super-Walmart has them, and the closest one to me right now is about 60 miles away. They adamantly refused to hold one for me.

    Will anyone pick a good looking set up for me?

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    Whoa, dude!! I think you're freaking out over nothing. These are just now starting to show up in certain areas and I'm sure they'll be in your area soon enough. I have yet to see them in Virginia Beach and my area is usually on top of things. Just be patient and they'll be there.
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    What's the release date for the DVD?
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    I don't know if I am freaking out or not. I am hearing that many stores aren't going to carry these, and people are saying that they ones that are are already sold out (within 90 minutes). I am going to make the trek tonight to the two stores that did have them this morning, but I am not too optimistic about my chances anymore.

    Needless to say, I am very angry. Why didn't they advertise that only certain stores would have them if that was going to be the policy?

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    Bacta Beast, the DVD release date is today.

    wedge, take everything the employees tell you with a grain of salt or as is often the case, with a lumpful of salt. as KH said, they should be released with the DVD pallets.

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    If you haven't already, try going to the DVD area of Walmart. They are not in the toy section at all because of the special display built for the DVD and the packs.

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    Ok, call off the search (at least for me). I went to the only Wal-Mart in Illinois that apparently has this stuff (believe me, I talked to just about every one) and got them tonight (after 12 hours). I had to drive for hours and abandon my family, but I did it.

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    I had to drive to 4 different Walmarts in Denver to find them and 3 of them were Supercenters that didn't have them in the toy aisle or in the electronics center! I asked the toy managers and they were clueless. I finally scored them at the one on Bowles and C-470 that had a big display pallet past electronics by the video games. They didn't have that many left. What's the deal? These are harder to find then the Sith commemorative sets. Good luck!


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