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    When the new figures hit

    So how many here are going to try to complete the first intial wave of figures like we did back on May 3rd of 1999. Boy was that fun. Who is already saving their money to buy it all again?

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    I'm not buying them all,maybe a few but mainly the vehicles are what I'm going for
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    It's Star Wars, so I must support it. So, I will buy alll the 4" figures, the deluxe figures, and the vehicles. After all, only with support will we see numerous re-sculpts so that we can get some non action poses.

    I think I'm out of the 12" collecting club, unless they change the bodies and start doing something differnt with them. I may pick up a Clone Trooper or a Dooku, but I won't be buying them all.

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    I think my buying all I can get days are over. I to am going for the ships and just the figures I like.
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    I dunno... The E2 figures just don't seem worth alot, I think I'll just steadily by'em over time instead of trying to grab up every new one at once like with other figures. Like maybe try 1-2 figures a week, maybe a little more, not sure.
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    As I've stated many times before I don't plan to buy any of the initial figures and vehicles/beasts that we have seen thus far (with the possible exceptions of Jango and a Slave 1).

    I'm hoping that there will still be some OT figures released during the Ep2 deluge. I will keep an eye out for those. Namely Ephant Mon (once I get him and a better removable helmet Vader I can retire from collecting completely).

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    I am going to get the ships. If the figures were 1/2 way decent, I'd have gotten them all. However pretty much all of them are bow-legged and have really low detail and look cartoonish. I will therefore only buy select figures that don't look so bad, however it does not appear that I will buy many figures based upon what I've seen on the internet.
    The wild-stanced E2 figure poses suck!!!!

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    So far Im only going to get Obi Wan, the Jedi Starfighter and Dooku, then after the movie is released and they start putting out better resculpts I may get more motivated.
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    I will be buying all the new figures that are put out. I don;t pretend to have all that is SW, but I do like having the complete run of the figures. Ships and beasts do not thrill me unless they come with a pack in. I like what I have seen thus far for the E2 offering.

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    Re: When the new figures hit

    Originally posted by DeathStarPlans
    Who is already saving their money to buy it all again?
    Me! Me! Me!

    Seriously, my experiences lately have taught me not to pass up any Star Wars figure when I find them. And with books and soundtracks and everything (I assume) coming out at once, I'd better start saving.
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