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    System of a Down

    First, for the record, I still hate 99% of "nu-metal." I'm not sure if SOAD is classified as that, but if they are, I just want that out in the open before we get started.

    That said, this band rocks the hizzy all the way to Grandma's house in an Autobot Dodge Viper driven by ninja bears.

    I first got stuff by them on compilations (Music Inspired by Farenheit 911 and Axis of Justice Volume 1) and thought, "This is pretty good stuff. I wonder if all their stuff is this good."

    Then I heard "BYOB" over the summer, picked up the album, and was hooked. I'm not at the point where I could spout random facts on command (or even spell Serj's last name without looking), but I can officially say that I'm hooked.

    Something about intense guitar licks wrapped around chaotically changing song structures that jump from pop to metal to Hungarian wedding music and back while a guy who is probably the best "the guy can really sing, but normally doesn't sound it" vocalist this side of Axl or Mike Patton shrieks intelligent lyrics (often but not always of a political nature) is just really quite appealing.

    I enjoy Rage Against the Machine pretty much for the band members. Zach de la Rocha is a mediocre poop-head, but the band rocks. (That's why I prefer Audioslave: the cream of Rage with Chris Cornell and 100% less de la Rocha.) But SOAD has it all. For my fellow old school headbangers and haters of nu-metal, I've got to recommend checking these cats out.
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    SOAD is a band that I can't decide if I like or not. From what I've heard they seem pretty good, but I get real sick of the singles real fast. They get played at least once an hour on the radio here.
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    I'm with you on hating nu-metal...but SOAD rocks!!!! roomate just bought there new album and it's really good!!!! speaking of nu metal bands another one that is pretty good is avenged sevenfold....I'm not sure if the consider themselves nu metal but alot of there music has throwbacks to the glory days of real metal...their new song, "bat country" is the only true metal song by a new band that has impressed me in the last ten years...does anyone know any other good metal bands these days?

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    Disturbed rocks. Dark New Day is comin' up. Though the local stations are running their hits into the ground as they usually do.

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    I too like System. The only album I have by them is Toxicity but for the most part I've liked all of the other singles that have come out.
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    I hate Rage Against the Machine.
    I hate Audioslave.

    I love System of a Down. I have all their CDs and have seen them twice, in the years 1998 and 2002.

    I hate numetal, but if you want to throw SoaD into the genre then I make an exception for them.

    Speaking of numetal, I saw KoRn on SNL last weekend, I can't believe those guys still have a record deal. Man, do I ever hate that band.

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    Okay, I have to ask you, since my assumption was that you hated Rage because of Zach de la Rocha: Is there anything in particular you hate about Audioslave, or just a general disdain?
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    I can't get into Chris Cornell very much. I heard that new song last night (at least I think it was new) and it was okay, I didn't hate it but in general I'm not a CC fan. My first year of college, I had a Soundgarden fanatic for a roommate and I heard plenty of SG, I don't like them. (not knocking him for playing them all the time because I too have my favorites I liked to play )

    But since you pointed out the difference in singers Chux, I see where you're going so let me say that compared to Rage, I don't really mind Audio . . . I REALLY hate the songs of that Zach fella, talk about another band I heard in college that I disliked. These 2 guys down the hall played that crap every day with their door open, assuming everybody loved Rage, I guess.

    So side by side, I hate Rage but in comparison I just dislike Audio. But in general, I dislike both.

    Chux, I misspoke in my earlier post when I said I have all the System CDs, I neglected to pick up the new Hypnotize but I'll be getting it later today. I was actually reminded of it at Wal-Mart last night when I saw it there but of course I wouldn't buy that edited version so I'll get it later.

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    'Kay, fair enough. Just curious.

    The cool thing you'll discover about the Hypnotize CD is that package is made so that it interlocks with the earlier Mesmerize package to make one double CD case. Pretty sweet idea.

    For whoever mentioned Avenged Sevenfold, are they considered nu-metal? I only heard one song by them, and it was far more Maiden than Bizkit. For "throwback" bands, I'd take what I heard by them over the Darkness any day. (I'd pay to see the lead singer of the Darkness repeatedly kicked in the crotch by the ghost of Freddie Mercury wearing steel-toed boots.)
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    SOAD isn't nu-metal, mainly because they have little to no metal in them at all. they are more of alternative rock with punk influences. when i first heard them, the singer sounded like Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys in certain parts of songs. they seem to be one of the few popular bands that acually seem to put out one good album after another. and they put on one hell of a great show live.
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