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    Qui-Gon's hand should have been burned

    Something that bothers me is when they closed the blast doors and Qui-Gon sank his lightsaber all the way to the hilt,His hand should have been burned. I don't know about you,but molten metal can get very hot. I guess its one of the things GL didn't think of.

    Any thoughts on this.[I know the force]
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    You're right, the heat given off by the molten metal should have burned his hands but good. What gives?
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    It's the force of course.

    Or maybe he has a mechanical hand too, and that will come out in one of the expanded universe prequil books.

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    Why not?!?

    Everyone else in the SW universe apparently gets their right hand chopped off at some point, so I can see how that makes sense. Heck,even 21b had to get a new right hand( as seen in my as yet unsolicited eu trilogy- "Take care sir- side stories of the medical droids from echo base") Woooooo!!!!

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    mabudon, I'm sensing a little sarcasm at play here. would I be perchance be correct in assuming you don't hold the EU with great regard? Whyever not? It's such a great source of coincidental chance encounters and a font of information for those who wondered who is related to who and how they all know each other at one time or another. The EU novels are the soap operas of the star wars universe. Will Luke marry mara and what will they decide on for a name if mara gets a bun in the oven. How did Han escape the haemhoroid field of the senokot system and defeat the terrible crab women of spatula IV? The EU is so chock full of quality characters and plotlines and names. how could you not love it.......

    Who says the metals used had a high melting point huh? We have metals on earth that burn cold when molten. Who's to say an alien metalurgist didn't make the blast doors from a metal with a low melting temperature that wouldn't create enough heat to even singe a hair on Qui-Gon's hand? Didn't think of that one did ya huh? hmmmmm......
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    Here's the possible answers:

    1) It was a dry heat.
    2) Maybe he wore synth-flesh gloves that would deflect the heat away.
    3) These aren't the theories you're looking for.
    4) The doors were made of wax, and while slightly hot, the wax just tingled a bit.
    6) Qui-Gon has spent the last 6 years of his life building up a tolerance to molten metal.
    7) What's a diorama?

    Hee hee!
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    Things in the Star Wars universe are not always the same as our universe
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    Now, now. I've been chastised over and over for even suggesting that the world is askew in prequel-land. You might just get your hand slapped.

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    I agree. I always noticed that and it bothered me also. And even if the hest wouldn't have burned him, the tip of the lightsaber handle would have got melted on by the door, and perhaps stuck to it.
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    Stillakid,Lets hope that the hand that gets slapped isn't the one that is burned by molten metal.
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

    "Just when I remembered what it was,I forgot where I put it."


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