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    RIP, John Lennon

    Today marks the 25th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon outside his home in NYC. Sadly, I'm nowhere near Strawberry Fields, but my buddy and I plan to meet up tomorrow night after work (11ish), drink some wine out on the porch, listen to the Beatles/John's solo work and watch the snow fall. Still a shame. Granted, i'm only 23, but the Beatles were one of the first musicians that i ever listened to as a child (thanks to the folks.)

    RIP, John.
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    i have never been a fan of the beatles or lennon's music but it is sad that he was killed in such a meaningless way. regardless of what i think of it, his music, both within the beatles and his solo work, gave pleasure to millions of people and he wasn't afraid to give an opinion. a sad loss.
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    Man... I remember when this happened. I was stunned.
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    John will always be my favorite artist.

    I caught a program a couple of weeks ago about Mark David Chapman. Boy, was that guy nuts!!!! He is up for parole again soon. I hope they don't release him (for everyone's sake...I wouldn't feel safe if I were Ringo or Paul).

    I am thinking about having a moment of silence in my classes today, but I suspect that half of my class (mostly college freshman) don't even know who John Lennon is. It is a shame.

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    Yep, bad day for music. Especially with what happened on this day last year.

    I should put on some Paperback Writer, my favorite for a few reasons.
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    He will always be remembered as the man who inspired a generation and generations to come. I dont think any artist will be able to fill this mans shoes. He brilliance and imagination are indescribleable. The Beatles were the greatest rock n roll group of all time and John was the best out of the four. I dont think I'll be able to handle it when Paul goes for he was second only to John. RIP John. You will never be forgoten.


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