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    Yeeeees, but you're still missing the point by a couple of degrees. recalibrate the thinktank node adjuster and try a different trajectory...

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of the production design issue not the story issue. I don't really care why the characters in the film didn't have a garage door. I want to know why the production crew didn't put one there and made the biggest mess up in continuity that I've seen in star wars (apart from the lack of the falcon's radar dish in docking bay 94 and the Wampa changing size shape and colour.) that has puzzled me for many a year and recently lead me to have sleepless nights trying to work out the exact layout of the homestead and cantina. The Insides of buildings in star wars do not corespond to the outsides. Buildings disappear from shot to shot, buildings morph mid scene.

    I gave up watching the actors long ago. I only watch star wars for the design and the background stuff. I know too much about how the films were made to be able to view them as dramas anymore. I'm like a mad scientist now, pulling the wings off the scenes to see if they can still fly with all the details stripped off.....


    Oh yeah - I did submit the question to the jedi
    council. Have to wait and see if Gavin Bocquet responds.....

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    I don't think Lucas thinks things through that thoroughly. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

    The only reasonable analogy I can give is when I'm drawing a picture, composition comes first then logic. If something is drawn correctly but doesn't "look right" then it has to be changed. Or is there is a confliction or "competing point" then reality will sometimes have to be stretched a little. Just because something is accurate doesn't necessarily mean it looks good. As far as nit-picky details, I try to make everything look like it has a purpose and a reason for being. If by some oversight I missed a detail, I might correct it, I might not depending how much interest I still have in the drawing.

    While this might not explain very well why stuff like a garage door isn't built into the set or why building interiors don't match exteriors, it's the best I can do given my own personal experience.
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    Re: How did the Lars household get the speeders out?

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    How did the Lars household get the speeders out?
    Luke used the force. doors
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    The exterior set was in Tunisia and the interior was in England. That's the most accurate answer you're going to get.

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    OK everyone!

    As important as the original question might seem, I think there is a bigger one that deserves ponderance. And that is....

    WHO LET THE SPEEDERS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

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    Ok, I cannot find this file right now, but it's a pic of the Lars family landspeeder, and behind it is the wall of the set, and at the joint of the wall is a SEAM!!! So this wall, which is at the back of the landspeeder, COULD be the danged garage door!

    As for the T-16, there's no vantage where we see that there ISN'T a hole in the ground on the back side of the garage (where the aforementioned garage door would be), but assuming they don't have one, there's still a VERY simple explanation... the wings pivot. Yes, the wings could pivot straight down to fit in between the courtyard wall and the garage wall into it's gap area. When taking off, Luke flies it straight up using the repulsorlift engine till it's cleared the garage and courtyard walls, then puts the wings into "flight" configuration and takes off. Now why can't that happen, huh? Huh?!?
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    Actually, I think it all falls under GL's "the audience will never notice" philosophy. A belief system he applied to every movie.

    Another example of this, and one that has bothered me to this day (especially since they never fixed it in the SE) was Darth Vader's head passing through the bottom of the shuttle when he disembarks on Endor.

    Or the TIE fighters that seem to fly right through the Falcon in the end battle.
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    I would go with the fly it out method and as for the speeders,I would have to say may a ramp or a lift to get them out and when they are not need fit out the way somewhere[Over the rainbow...]
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    It still doesn't fly with me. I agree with BigBarada about Lucas and his 'audience will never notice' theory. But .........
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    Just discovered that you can't post a new image when you've deleted the one that was there before. So here's the image I was trying to upload... Aint brilliant but it shows how bad the design was to completely miss the actual 'driveway' that the vehicle is parked on and only show the garage roof and the front porch of the house.
    I have a vague notion that we are expected to believe that the T-16 is sitting in the main courtyard just out of view. But plainly the courtyard is too small for a vehicle of that size to sit un-noticed in.
    What was the production designer on ANH called, John Barry? Something like that.I don't remember his name right now but surely he must have noticed that the ship wasn't in the tunisian set? So why would they have it in the studio set?
    I know I'm being anal about this, but I want to get to the bottom of it so I can get some sleep at night.


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