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    LOL, bigbarada.
    That's my jacket!

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    A while back, I remember looking at somebody's website which had an actual scientific study of the gravity constants on all the planets in the Star Wars Universe. They used all sorts of equations measuring, for instance, the time it took for objects to fall on Dagobah when Luke lost his concentration. The end result was that every planet, get this, had the same exact gravity as Earth! It was interesting and funny without being overly critical. Unfortunately I never printed it out or kept the site name. Anybody have it or the link?
    I'm not sure if you were looking at the same thing I was looking at, but <> had a section where people were sending in stuff about the decimation of the forest moon of Endor when the DS2 blew up and stuff like that. I thought it was so hilarious that someone actually took so much time in "calculating" and figuring stuff like that.

    This is the web address. Have a blast kiddies!

    Nice PIC there Big Barada... I got healthy chuckle outta that this morning!
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    The wings/fins come off!

    Being a self-styled King of Justification, I had to let this debate run around in my head for a while before I could formulate a solid opinion. After much thought I abandoned my original thought that perhaps the garage is behind the part of the ground level portion of the homestead that we see (in other words, the garage is roughly where the camera crew that filmed the scene was standing). But I determined that there were probably published layouts, maps, or other materials that would suggest otherwise. Then it occured to me. Think of fighter planes (especially WWII era) on aircraft carriers.
    Many aircraft are designed with removable wings for ease of bulk storage. It is not out of the question that the wings and fin of the T-16 are removeable. There is ample evidence of repulsorlift technology, so a small device to aid in the replacement of wing parts is not so outrageous. This way the entire vehicle could be stored in a rather low-roofed garage without having to poke the fin out of the ground.
    In the words of Yoda, "There is another...", possibility that is. The Skyhopper we see in the background may not be Luke's active one. Think of Luke as a kind of extension of Lucas himself (as Mark Hamill reportedly did when reading for the part). If you look at American Grafitti you can extrapolate the Skyhopper as a kind of Tatooine "hotrod", and any good hotrodder would have a junker on hand to scavenge for parts. It is possible that the T-16 we see is just the junked spare that Luke managed to get to before the local Jawas did.
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    It still doesn't answer the question about where the flipping heck the big hole in the ground is. If there's no hole, how did they get the skyhopper heap of scrap there? Why is there daylight shining down with no opening to the outside? All your theories are excellent but they just don't answer the question like the theory that the whole crew were so stoned they just plain missed it out of the design don't want to admit to such a big mistake for fear of looking foolish.
    Close - but no cigar.

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    just to drag this up once more and maybe allow some fresg input to help out here, I drew this poxy plan of the homestead showing roughly where i think the pit for the T-16 should be. clearly there is no such pit on any photos or film stills or designs anywhere. it's just a glaring oversight IMO and I'd like to hear what LFL have to say about it. I've asked the jedi council the same question put various ways several times and never been answered. they just don't want to tell. I think it's a conspiracy.... honestly i've asked them about ten times and they just keep ignoring my excellently phrased questions. I'm gutted frankly. have you seen some of the dumb questions that are asked over at I think they should be made to work out what was going on in the designs and try to clarify it. After all there's still no garage pit in episode two judging by the pictures I've seem so far. An opportunity to fix a continuity error has passed them by.........


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