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    Question Stormtroopers (Episode II Spoilers)

    Has it been confirmed that the Stormtroopers are clones or not? If so, are they clones of Jango Fett or some other fool with gozzy eye sight who can't shoot straight?

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    This is more of an Episode II: Spoilers type of thread, since there's no way to get into this issue without discussing Episode II. I know there's characters called Clonetroopers who are early predecessors to Stormtroopers, and I'm pretty sure (based on the few spoilers I've seen) that your guess is right on. As to whether Stormtroopers are definitely the same thing, though, I'm in the dark.
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    Yup. There is no solid proof that clonetroopers are future stormtroopers, but as with most visual cues that SW gives you, such as Palpatine looking like Darth Sidious (because he IS), and Padme looking like Queen Amidala (because she IS). I would imagine that yes, clonetroopers are indeed going to end up being stormtroopers.

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    Some people/clones are just better shots. I mean, the stormtroopers took care of the Rebel Fleet Troopers in ANH easily enough. Plus, you gotta have the good guys win
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    we-ellllll, i don't think this can be answered properly until we get to episode three. This movie has all of the clones as jango -a- likes. But by the time we get to episode three they may have found a new source for them. Or started to conscript civillians. it depends on how Georgie plays it out. He's only stated that jango was the original source of them. And we know that the clonetroopers are the start of the galctic empires forces at the instigation of Palpatine and his cronies. So in a sense the clonetroopers are stormtroopers because that's what they do - storm Geonosis. But how they develop is anyone's guess right now methinks.


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