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    How did the Lars household get the speeders out?

    I know this has come up in passing, but I don't think I have read an answer to this yet. How did the Lars family get their speeder, which was tucked waaaayyyy back in the garage, out onto the surface? I know that speeders are supposed to work on repulsor lifts, but are they strong enough to get them to the surface? Was there a secret garage door? How the heck did the T-16 get out, too?!! It looked like it was jammed way in there!!!

    I know I shouldn't ask because I'm gonna get some smart ***** answers, but hey- I can't wait to hear those either!!
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    I've honestly never thought of this issue, but everything does seem rather buried in the garage. Which, presumably, is in the same pit as the rest of the homestead. Maybe they tell droids they want to leave and the droids move the other junk?
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    I asked the same question not so long ago in a forum not so far away... SOME MORE ANH QUESTIONS

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    A SMALL FAMILY OF RODENTS...! yuk yuk yuk yuk!!

    Well... hopefully we will get some answers, eh!

    Let's see if anyone else tunrs up for this thread!

    Homestead Blueprints anyone??? Sir Steve?
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    I'd love the blueprints for the homestead. I always wanted to make a diorama that included the courtyard with the droid and Aunt Beru while Owen and Luke bought 3-PO and R2 on the ground level where a home made Sandcrawler would stand. Not all of the crawler but the same amount they made for the film in that location. No point making work for yourself is there?

    Anyway, back to the thread. I think that they just forgot about the speeder issue when they made the set in the desert. The stagehands who built the set were probably so stoned back in the 70's that they just didn't even think about the issue. Too busy building an 80 foot rust coloured tank like thing and making a concrete igloo next to a massive hole in the ground to notice.
    Plus the fact that George never communicated anything to anyone. So no-one really knew what he wanted and were mostly flying in the dark on the original movie.

    But I would like to see the homestead explored in an incredible cross sections book at some time. Like they did with Anakins home in the 'Inside the worlds of star wars' book.

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    Who let the speeder out? Woof woof-woof-woof!

    This might sound cheesy, but maybe there is a back door. There may be a sloping driveway-type thing that goes down to the back of the garage, so items can be removed/put in.

    Or the speeder and T-16 were there because Luke scrreamed about Greedo shooting first after the Ewoks sang a different song.
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    I suppose the point of this thread is that there are no indications anywhere in the movie or the still pictures or publicity pictures of there being a way out. It sure looks like the T-16 should be sitting in the courtyard because of the way the light hits it. But the courtyard yields no glimpse of the rather large high winged ship from the garage. The hole in the ground only has steps leading to the upper igloo like doorway that Owen and Luke emerge from. There is no garage door. There is no inside from the outside perspective. In other words the whole darn thing don't tally. Absolutely no continuity whatsoever! Shoddy design work! This is something that should be asked to the jedi council at the official site I feel......

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    I think the landspeeder is sitting next to the main garage door, even though it seems like the BACK of the garage from our perspective.

    As for Luke's T-16, I think there's a wall with an opening across a small bridge that leads to the garage, the garage itself doesn't open directly to the courtyard. The T-16 is in a specially-built channel which is like a cave that opens out behind the garage I believe.
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    Talking in the radio dramitization.....

    the garage has a "tech dome" roof which opens and closes to allow the skyhopper to repulser lift out. i can't remenber if there's a scene in which luke and c3po get into the lanspeeder and then either the tech dome opens or if the garage door is opened. i'll have to check either the screen play, or listen to it again. i'll post if there is any light shed regarding the speeder.
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    Hmmm, I know the EU probably has an answer for the question but Iwanted to know why the film doesn't. The dome you see on film is the roof of the part of the garage that Luke uses to clean the droids. It's far too small to be a doorway or exit. Going by what we see in the movie, there should be a massive hole in the ground between the entrance to the homestead and the garage roof. But there isn't....... Not a glimpse of a hole big wenough to take a T-16 and a twenty foot walkway. All the reference material I've ever seen - and I've looked far and wide for this - has been without a T-16 landing pit. I'm definately going to ask the jedi council over at about this.


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