View Poll Results: At this point, what Hasbro toys do you plan to buy in 2002? (click all that apply)

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  • the basic figures for wide-release

    481 80.84%
  • the collection including more of the secondary characters

    460 77.31%
  • the deluxe figures

    370 62.18%
  • the ships and vehicles

    367 61.68%
  • the beasts and creatures

    343 57.65%
  • role-play items like lightsabers

    112 18.82%
  • Classic Star Wars items from the Original Trilogy

    492 82.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I will repeat my self here agian.Hey! thats what I do best on this subject.

    When I first started I got everything I could but now I find myself being very picky on what I buy. I will still stay with the 3 3/4 line and from that , I will pick only what I like. No more buying just to buy. I don't plan on making money on my collection,so the only one I have to please is me.
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    The only thing I won't buy is 12". Beyond that it's a wait and see.
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    The only ones...

    ...that I will buy are the figures that don't look totally exaggerated. I plan on giving them a fair shake in spite of what I have seen up to this point, but my expectations are set really low so I won't strat crying in the middle of a shoppe aisle.
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    You're cracking under the pressure JEDIpartnr! NOOOO!!!
    We must all stick together and say"NO! Bad hasbro, naughty hasbro..." and not buythe dumb over posed junk. But the Tusken female and Typho, they fit with the other toy lines in semi neutrality. These AOTC monstrosities are sapping your powers like Supes and Kryptonite fragments. Don't let LUTHORCORP. HASBRO win!!!!! We're all doomed otherwise What if the classic stuff coming out this year all looks like these AOTC 'things'? What will you do then?

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    Pretty much all I'm buying toy wise are lightsabers.


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