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    What do you think of Sideshow's new Priority Pre-Order?

    If you haven't read it on the Anakin page, Anakin will be starting Sideshow's new program where newsletter subscribers will get to preorder the figure 2 hours before the regular people on the web, then *if* there's anything left they'll let non-subscribers do a web preorder.

    I honestly think it's just another level of making the problem worse for the majority of collectors, either it gets even more elitist OR more likely a lot folks sign up and the server bogs down.
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    I see no point in this....first come first served is just fine.
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    Scalpers will loom large on these.
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    It's just SS using Star Wars to try and rope people into buying some of there other product by getting them to sign up. I'm sure the people that order the Star Wars toys will get 1 SW newsletter and 45 other ones selling other statues and such.

    They're just making it tougher and tougher anymore.
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    I think it is total B.S.! It encourages scalpers and hoarders to buy in larger quantities thus instigating a faster forced sellout. Look at what has happened with 12" Luke already. On the plus side though: at least they are not making it a "members only" thing like Master Replicas does with their "Collector's Society" exclusives which is basically "you give us more money to become a member so you can buy member's only exclusives and have priority pre-orders." I think they should just open up ordering for everyone the same day and it is a free-for-all on both the Sideshow Exclusive AND the Regular Edition which is what they have already done for everything else from Bond to X-Files. It sells out when it sells out. If you're a johnny-come-lately then you miss the boat. If you read the newsletter and know when the products go on sale then you know when to expect to place your order. All they are doing is marketing another "you gotta rise and shine and be the first to place your order 'cause this will sell out fast" hype. They don't do this with any of the other product lines they already have.

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    I don't know if Priority will make any difference. Anybody who really cares will make sure they are elligible for early order anyway based on Luke's sell out. It just makes people "feel" special.
    AT least they are giving an exect time the preorder starts, unlike Luke which I think was a large vague window that I totally missed. Unfortunately I'll be at work at 10 am and will miss this too.
    I was really hoping with the broad appeal of Star Wars, as opposed to some of their more specialty licenses these would be readily available at stores like Suncoast, and even toy stores ( carries sideshow 12").
    Let's hope everything is not so limited and this is just to test the waters.

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    I'm honestly a little p***ed-off by the entire process. Signing up for a newsletter is no big deal, I'd do it anyway (and I did), but I'm not wild about having to open up an account where I give them my credit card info and they keep it on file. I'm not at all happy that this product is only available as a pre-order item online -- which gives me NO chance to see it in person, to verify that what I'm paying (a lot) for is as nice as what I'm seeing in photos on a Web site. Sideshow has some serious b***s launching a new line based entirely on the hopes and irrational completist habits of most collectors/fans.

    Phhhht. As much as I want this line to work out, I can't get excited about something that I can't see in person... or even see decent photos of more than a week in advance of its order time. I mean, what the h***?!? We get to see a head-shot of Anakin, and then we're supposed to get fired up to pre-order this thing a few days later based on a vague image of what I'd bet is probably a prototype anyway. No thanks. The scalpers will be ditching these things (and taking a loss at that) a few months after they're finally released... I'll wait 'til then.

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    I totally agree about not seeing the product first hand and ordering based on product images alone. Case-in-point: I pre-ordered the SS exclusive Astronaut Taylor figure from Planet of the Apes and the figure I received DID NOT look like the product displayed on their website. The images they showed had his jumpsuit featured with dirt on his pants from the Forbidden Zone as seen in the movie. The product I received was perfectly CLEAN, no dirt weathering. I thought maybe there was a variation so I called Sideshow and they told me they decided not to use the prototype version featured on their website and that if I was unhappy I could return it for a refund. By that time, it had sold out. I was ****ed because I felt like I was deceived by the product info they showed on their website. In fact, they STILL show the "dirty" version if you do a product search on their site. I kept the figure because he is long sold out and has more than doubled on ebay but I am not satisfied.

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    Sideshow can go f*** themselves as far as I'm concerned, I will never buy a single product from them for two reasons. 1.) the way they sell the product, members first, general public last (what's up with that?). 2.) if I can't get the product because it's a limited run & have to pay outrageous prices then what's the point & where's the fun in that (if you can't mass produce the f*** off). I can live without this type of scam (IMHO) saves me money in the long run on overrated items.

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    I have mixed feelings about this. I recieved my e-mail for 12" Luke at an odd hour. I went to work, came back saw the e-mail and the first special ones with blasters were sold out. So I missed that. I immediately ordered the regular one. Good thing as they are sold out now. I do think it is a good thing to sign up with Sideshow. You can always turn down the offer. If I hadn't signed up with them and tried to get a second chance offer, I wouldn't now be getting a Premium Vader that someone else decided to cancel. So there is an upside to signing up for me anyways. I just hope I am at my computer when they notify me about the 12" Anakin. I have alot of Hasbro 12 inch, and most of them look like they pale in comparison. I hope I don't have to fight to get just one. For 50 bucks, they better be worth it.


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