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    Question EP II figs on POTJ Cards

    Strolling around one of my local comic book shops this week end, the owner advised me that because of a production problem, Hasbro will be distributing the first wave of EP II figures on POTJ cards.

    Has anyone else heard this?

    Can any SSG staff confirm or deny?

    The owner of the shop buys direct from Hasbro, so I'm not sure how to interpret his statement. After all, he runs a collectables store.
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    Doubt it. I have seen a lot of the toys already packaged and they are on the AOTC cards.
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    I have heard from various readings and talking with some friends in the comic industry that the talked about preview figures that are due out in March I think will be on POTJ cards. Perhaps this is what was meant? As far as I know, the April released items will be on ATOC card stock.

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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    It wouldn't even make sense to do that...
    It would, POTJ contains all the figures from EP1,ANH,ESB and ROTJ but I highly doubt it since we are getting the new blue cards
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    Jedimasterskip is correct, may reports indicate that the preview figs will ship on POTJ cards.

    This is neither unexpected nor suprising. Look at the initial EP1 preview stuff. It had the POTF2 logo on it.

    Not to mention the Flashback stuff which sported POTF2 logo as well as pics from EP1.

    It's a transitional thing. Hasbro likes to do this, don't ask me why.

    As far as the April release goes, look for the new cards to be hitting the pegs.

    My brother-in-law also buys direct from Hasbro, and believe me, they are being very tight-liped about what will be shipped. So I don't think your comic guy got his info direct from Hasbro.
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    I think that only the previoew wave will be on the green cards. After that we will be seeing blue.
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    Whether they are on the POTJ cards or the new blue cards, collectors like myself will be excited to see these hit the shelves.
    From the pictures they don't look too bad, despite what alot of collectors are saying. I guess when we actually see them in the stores, face-to face, we can then make a correct assumption.
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    Here's Jango Fett, Carded Front.

    Jango is on POTJ card - here you go. We'll get this figure in March.

    Possibly as early as late Feb - but I highly doubt it.
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    I wasn't even thinking about this so, in a sense, he was correct.
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    Here's Jango's Cardback -shows all the Sneak Peaks

    The "firing effects" on all the figures' weapons ARE REMOVEABLE.

    You can use them if you like them, if not - leave them off. They are rather flimsy though and fall out of Jango's small blasters easily. Personally, I think they look cool if you are doing a scene with them.

    As you can see from the cardback, R3-T7 is the droid included in this first preview wave. I have no idea why, but the lightning is removeable and you can apply it to R2D2 to do 'that Jawa scene.'

    Here's the pic.
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