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    12" Line Preview at Hasbro Official Site

    We get a look at the first of the 12" AOTC line...Obi Wan, Anakin, and Clonetrooper. Thoughts?

    Probably a larger pic later today at Star Wars Official site, if it follows as the others have. First look at a clonetrooper toy


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    It looks like the same type of bodies we always get. I don't know I thought they would try to improve upon that a bit and make it more like the Marmit bodies. They never really did try that. They look fine. I assume the same people that buy 12 inch now will buy these and ones that don't will not. So no real need to change anything.
    I really want to get a Jango Fett and Zam Wessel. I'll end up with Anakin and a Clonetrooper. maybe later on Obi-Wan.
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    Larger Pic

    Larger Pic at


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    This image clicks...

    I discovered that the image at Hasbro will become larger if you click on it. The Anakin isn't too bad. The face seems to be pretty accurate. I really just am not too impressed with the design of the Clonetrooper helmet. He looks like a sad robot puppy dog. Oh, well. Poor Ewan... the picture doesn't seem to do him justice. I suppose I will actually have to see a face detail shot of this one. They don't look too bad overall, though. Much better than their 1/16 counterparts!
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    I really just am not too impressed with the design of the Clonetrooper heamet. He loo

    Lol JEDIPartnr! I was thinking pretty much the same thing when I saw the Trooper.

    I can see that Hasbro didn't try something radically new with their 12"figs. They look just like the current figures to me, fairly nice detailing but nothing that gets me too excited about them.
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    I'm disappointed to hear the Leia/Boussh figure is delayed again. That's the only I've been looking forward to.

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    As a fan of the 12 inch Figs, I was worried Hasbro would take some kind of bold new direction with these as well. I'm glad to see they left them alone. Although, they could have used the better GI Joe bodies on them. Oh, well it doesn't matter. I'm definitely adding these to my April 22 shopping list ( along with the role play sabers and not much else )
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    Why does Obi-Wan have Mace's hands?

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    ugly ugly voodoo dollies!!! big heads and malformed dolly bodies. huge thick as tree trunk legs and spastic looking hands. Ugly disgusting lumps of fetid recycled plastic waste! revolting looking cheap knock off Bee Gees doll Obi Wan and Bee gees doll Anakin and Marvin the paranoid android clonetrooper. foul heineous vomit inducing turdy looking crap!

    Not bad I suppose for girly boys who like dollies......
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    Not any real improvement; but then again not a major step backwards like the 3 3/4" line. Anakin looks alright and I can see myself buying him. Hasbro should really take a hint from Marmit about abandoning the roto-molded heads when it comes to making helmets. Making a hard plastic helmet that fits over a blank head would yield much more accurate results.
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