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    Battle of Coruscant Case Assortment

    857703 Sortiment Wave 3 (Battle of Coruscant) - April 2006
    2x Clone Trooper
    2x Darth Vader ?
    1x Fire Pilot [Coruscant Fire Fighter Pilot]
    1x Commander Cody
    1x Lushros Dofine
    1x Foul Moudama
    1x Anakin [Anakin Skywalker]
    1x Ki Adi Mundi Hologram [Ki-Adi Mundi]
    1x General Grievous
    1x Obi Wan [Obi-Wan Kenobi]

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    Well that's a crappy breakdown. After all people are screaming for Cody, and now we are only getting one per case ??????

    Hasbro sure knows how NOT to listen to the fans.
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    Hopefully they will change it up with the revisions. If not it will suck.
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    Aside from the 2 Vaders (likely a repack), this isn't too terrible. The kids will want the Obi and the Ani, and probably the Grievous, and that's one each of everyone except the Clonetrooper. More different figures to a case than we're used to, that's all.
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    Packing Cody one per case is going to present problems, but I think hasbro will figure something out. As for Darth Vader, it's probably the Hoth one packed in that case. Darth Vader is extremly popular right now, so anyway they can get him out is their top priority.


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