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    The Music Industry is Crying.

    Like a bunch of little babies the "Music Industry" is crying their little heads off. Sales are down and retailers are reporting significant drops in sales compared to last years big Christmas push.

    I heard an interview today where the head of one of these big companies blamed "illegal internet downloading" for the drop in sales. How long are they going to keep that up as their excuse for falling CD sales? What a joke, if this nutball actually thinks that illegal internet downloading is more prevelant now than it has been in the past then someone needs to fire his butt! Then this guy goes on to say that the "evidence" of this problem is the explosion of sales for iPods and other music players.

    The truth is that CD sales have taken a nose dive because of online music sales, companies like Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody and others have been reporting record profits. It only stands to reason that the CD sales would take a hit. Besides, many people now have the flexability to go out and buy a single song without having to purchase the whole CD, this way they can get what they want and save $$$.

    The boost in iPod sales and other players only goes to prove my point here. It is a little more difficult to download illegal tracks to an iPod, this guy obviously did not know that, otherwise he probably wouldn't have opened his big mouth and pointed his finger at "illegal downloads". What's more is that his apparent ignorance of his top competitor (iPod/iTunes) only goes to show how out of touch the Music Studios are with current technology.

    For just $8.99 a month (I get my Napster subscription through AAFES) I can listen to all the music I want. That's less than the cost of one CD and I have almost unlimited access to a massive library! So why should I buy a CD? I don't even own a home stereo, I play all my music on my computer, my MP3 player or my car stereo, which now has Sirius. Satelite radio is probably taking a bite out of CD sales as well, though a much smaller one.

    So we have all these new options for music and we just don't need CD's as much as we used to.

    So now I'm spending $22.00 per month on "music" services, more than I have ever spent on music in my life. You better believe I have to have a DARN good reason to pay for a CD at some retail store.

    Then there is the DVD factor. Every month I buy a new DVD or two or three, movies are just a much bigger part of my perfered entertainment than "music".

    So there you have it. Napster + Sirius + DVD's = No CD sales here!

    I predict that CD sales will continue to fall. The industry will not die, per say, but it will be significantly "downsized" over the next 5-10 years until it reaches an equalibrium. It's the law of supply and demand. They just don't understand that the demand is drying up and they need to cut back on the number of CD's they produce. Perhaps in the next year or two some young hotshot who understand all this will come on board with the music industry and open their eyes to the horrible truth, CD's just aren't in demand any more.
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    Nice post killer! I agree with everything you said here.

    These companies shot themselves in the foot in the begining by fighting new technology instead of embracing it. If they would've been on board with it then, they would be making more money now.

    I say screw 'em. They got what they deserve for gouging us on CD prices. C'mon... $18.99 for a CD? You gotta be kidding me..

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    Great post SK99. Like Reefer I wholeheartedly agree with you. I just got an Ipod, been downloading music for awhile(I still have 6 gigs of mp3's which I burned years ago). I dont do it illegally anymore because:

    1. There isnt anything new that I like.

    2. If I like the band, I will buy the CD. I have bought 1 CD in the last year and it was LIVE's greatest hits. The next one I will buy is their next album

    3. I have resorted to going to pawn shops for used CD's. I am nt going to pay fullprice for 3 songs on a CD. I pay them 3-4 bucks and I am golden.

    4. At home I listen to stuff on my computer or on my Sat. system.

    The music industry has been gouging the public for a long time. Its about timt they got what they deserve.
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    If the record companies and musicians want more CD sales start doing whole CD's of good material. Not just one or two hits. Like the old days of LP's where you not only got a full album of good songs, but posters, cool artwork etc. a whole concept. Maybe even a ten minute song. Nah those days are gone. Till they give me a reason to buy a whole CD I would rather pick the one good song or two pay $2 and download them it's a no-brainer. They just don't get it.

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    I'm not going lie, i've had folks burn CD's for me all the time, but if i dig the CD, once i get income enough to blow 15 bucks on it, i'll happily buy it. Plus, let's face it Music Reps: the music you're putting out there is CRAP. Of course you're not going to have a huge week in sales when your newest releases are Lindsay lohan, Ashlee simpson, and Live (just kidding, KH ). The only CD's i purchased this year that come to mind were David Gray, Sigur Ros, Dane Cook, Sufjan Stevens, Coldplay, and Gorillaz. I buy these because in my eyes (and many critics/fans) these bands (and comedian) are fabulous and constantly put out quality that is fantastic and respectable. Sorry music industry. Until you give the average listener quality music, your sales will suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sk99
    The truth is that CD sales have taken a nose dive because of online music sales, companies like Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody and others have been reporting record profits.
    Don't forget the fact that 99.999% of everything released lately flat out sucks.
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    I think that's a lot of it.

    Record companies are looking at their dwindling sales and not acting logically. Ever notice that you can go into any store, and most of what you find are talentless blonde girls who may or may not have been on the Mickey Mouse Club? Um, the kind of people who buy that swill are less likely to want CDs. It's the older generations (around my age and older) who are more likely to want the physical CD. But music people who've graduated from high school would actually like is tougher to find (often it's necessary to order it), and a disturbing amount of it goes out of print within a couple of years.

    Meanwhile, the same companies are churning out remakes ad nauseum (after the dismal performance of the last several, you think they'd know not to bother with swill like the upcoming ChIPS remake) and charging $10 a person to see them, then wondering why theater attendance is down.

    At some point, it's going to completely blow up in their faces. And then the independent companies will rise and become the mainstream, only to have something else blow up in their faces. It's a vicious cycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    Don't forget the fact that 99.999% of everything released lately flat out sucks.
    I'll second that. The last CD I bought was Hefty Fine in September (I think it was September) and the last one before that was whenever Toxicity came out by SoaD. I frequently download from a ing site and I never think twice about it. If they'd actually put music instead of little skits on the CD's then maybe I'd buy em'. Take Hefty Fine by the Bloodhound Gang. It's 12 tracks long and I think 3 or 4 of them are just 10 second long skits.
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    As to what Chux said, very true as well- how many copies of The Eagles Greatest Hits can anyone actually "need" ??

    I still buy CDs all the time, at least one a month, but they are always semi-obscure heavy metal stuff from the past 25 years, I figure if I buy enough of ONLY the "good stuff", sooner or later maybe more of the "good stuff" may be available, somehow- with european heavy metal, at least, that philosphy seems to have been working for the past 10 years or so
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    Yea, the same goes for the phone companies that did not embrace the coming cell phone wave several years ago. They spent alot of money laying wire for a future in phone service that did not include cell phones. And they are crying. Oh the arrogance of these companies, and then to watch them fall flat on their face is so delightful. Adapt or die, it is the oldest rule of survival.

    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99
    I heard an interview today where the head of one of these big companies blamed "illegal internet downloading" for the drop in sales. How long are they going to keep that up as their excuse for falling CD sales?
    There was a study done some time ago that proved that so-called "illegal downloading", actually helped improve CD sales. And also concluded in that fact, that people who downloaded free music of an album would not have bought the CD anyway.
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