View Poll Results: Are you giving or expecting to receive Star Wars gifts this Christmas? (MULTI CHOICE)

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  • Neither giving nor expecting Star Wars gifts

    18 11.92%
  • Giving Star Wars Toys

    74 49.01%
  • Giving SW High-End Collectibles

    6 3.97%
  • Giving SW Comics/Books/Cards/Posters

    12 7.95%
  • Giving SW DVDs/Video Games

    25 16.56%
  • Receiving Star Wars Toys

    76 50.33%
  • Receiving SW High-End Collectibles

    35 23.18%
  • Receiving SW Comics/Books/Cards/Posters

    29 19.21%
  • Receiving SW DVDs/Video Games

    39 25.83%
  • I'm using new Star Wars ornaments on my tree

    55 36.42%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Are you Giving and/or Receiving Star Wars gifts this Christmas?

    When you hang your stocking by the chimney with care, do you hope that Santa will put Yoda in there? Do visions of Stormtroopers dance through your head? Does your Christmas list sport remote-controlled R2's that talk and will go for a walk or a pair of Han Solo boots and a Clone pistol that shoots?

    With Christmas nearly upon us and the biggest shopping season of the year drawing to a close - not to mention the final holiday season that will take place in a movie year - are you expecting to receive that certain Star Wars present you've been hinting about? And more importantly, will you be giving the gift of Star Wars to family and friends this year?

    Yes, this poll asks if you are giving and/or expecting to receive Star Wars gifts this Christmas, including
    • Star Wars Toys (Hasbro figures, vehicles, role-play; LEGO building sets),
    • High-End Collectibles (Master Replicas, Sideshow statues, Gentle Giant, Code 3 vehicles),
    • Comics/Books/Cards/Posters,
    • DVDs/Video Games.
    Also, I've thrown in at the end an option about any of this year's new Star Wars Christmas ornaments, what the heck.

    This is a "CHOOSE ALL" poll so tick off as many Give and Receive options as are appropriate.

    thanks to Ji'dai for the poll... and corny SW Christmas poetry.

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    Well, I've already given toys to "Toys for Tots" as well as a "Childrens Hospital" toy drive. I expect I'll get something SW for Christmas. Most likely figs and I know I'm getting posters and books, but I forgot to check that option...D'oh

    JT can you put that this is a MULTIPLE CHOICE poll in the poll itself?

    Well, anyway, not expecting much though. Really looking more towards TSC next year!

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    I'm giving my wife the 12" Leia w/ speeder bike since she collects 12" Leias and Padmes. It was on clearance at Target's website. My daughter is getting the Playschool Luke and Gammorean Guard (a.k.a. the "green piggy monster").

    I'm not postive, but there may be a Spudtrooper under the tree for me. My wife got me Darth Tater for my birthday because she thought it was hilarious...and I know she ordered something online for me. There is an outside chance she bought me the Clone Wars DVD or some Star Wars Miniatures, but I don't know, she hid the presents pretty well this year.
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    I'll be receiving a few Star Wars gifts this year, mostly easy to find items that family members won't have to lose sleep over finding, the big thing being Battlefront II. However, I left a lot of holes in my list, hoping that family members will be quite creative in filling them.
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    i know i'll be receiving ROTS and Clone Wars dvd's. my brother wanted pix of my current displayed collection, so he's looking to see if i already have something he got me (but i don't know what it might be). my family/friends generally keep clear of getting me star wars because i typically don't have difficulty finding new product and get it soon after it's released. i find i typically don't watch the movies as much as i once did, so waiting til christmas to open the ROTS dvd isn't that hard.

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    I'll likely be receiving SW toys. The few '05 Lego sets I don't already have.
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    Giving Star Wars Toys
    I'm giving a few ROTS sets to some fellow LEGO Maniacs in the family.

    Receiving Star Wars Toys
    I asked for a bunch of Star Wars LEGO sets this year; many of them gifts to myself! (I admit, I've been sooo good this year).

    I also picked out the Clone Wars DVD figure packs since they were still there when I got Vol. 2 on DVD.

    Receiving SW High-End Collectibles
    I voted for this one since Master Replicas sent me a free gold mini lightsaber in early December for winning a trivia contest right here on SSG!

    Receiving SW DVDs/Video Games
    Yep, Clone Wars Vol. 2

    I'm using new Star Wars ornaments on my tree
    The only new ornament this year is an mPire M&M's Darth Vader. May get the Hallmark ones after Christmas.
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    I'm giving a couple of totes full of duplicates and items that don't fit the theme of my collection to the grandkids.

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    I've already received both volumes of the Clone Wars, the Ultimate Visual Guide and The Art of Revenge of the Sith very cool. I have a sneaking suspicion that an entire legion of figures awaits as well.
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    I've given several basic action figures to a child that I picked from the Salvation Army Christmas Tree (along with some clothes and shoes). I hope he gets them.
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