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    Something unbelievable happenned today

    Check this out,

    I swear to almighty God that this is true. Am not making this up.

    I went to a local Supermarket today and I noticed a table was set up in the entranceway with some toys on it. I roam over to take a look and quickly notice that many of the toys are older toys. I then see to my absolute surprise a vintage ROTJ Yoda unpunched and in very good condition. As I am looking at this the guy asks me if I have a newspaper subscription to the local paper. I don't. The catch is to sign up for a year subscription to the Sunday paper at $1.25/week (sunday paper is normally $2). Well, I signed up and walked away with the carded Yoda. He also let me take another item so I grabbed a carded Welcome Back Kotter Horshack figure.

    Christmas miracle!

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    'Course, the real shocker here is that they still print newspapers. And people read them, imagine that! How quaint.

    I didn't know they made Kotter figures. Who made them, Mego?
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    I'd sign up... only if they gave me a MIB Biosonic Six Million Dollar Man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave
    I'd sign up... only if they gave me a MIB Biosonic Six Million Dollar Man!
    Are you talking about the 12" figure they had out in the 70's? I had one, it was awesome.
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    Very swet deal. I would have signed up too, then canceled when I got home.
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    I'm about 95% sure that the Kotter figures were made by Mego. The price tag on it is $1.97 and it's from 1976. Very reasonable unless it was on sale.

    The Yoda is an unpunched C8.5 or better ROTJ (2nd photo) carded figure with the brown snake.

    I asked the guy if he had more like it and he wasn't sure and that they had 'boxes of toys'. One can only dream.

    The deal was actually for the sunday paper only which is really all I want as that has the sale slingers in it. Need to keep an eye out for Star Wars sales.

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    Wow, that's pretty amazing.

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    that's not a bad deal at all, man!
    And yes, MEGO for sure made the WBK figures
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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