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    Helmets shipping?

    I recently saw a charge to my credit card that was quite large and was one I don't remember making. Turns out StarWarsShop had made the charge because one of my orders came in stock. The order was for the Master Replicas CloneTrooper Star Corps Helmet. I was under the impression that it wouldn't be out until early 2006, and even StarWarsShop's site says Jan 2006.

    Can we get an official word from Master Replicas on whether they are shipping or not? It would be much appreciated.

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    I emailed StarWarsShop customer service to ask if it really was in stock or if it was a system glitch (like maybe they left it as Dec 2005 and the computers switched it to In Stock when late Dec 2005 hit and then decided to charge my card because of that), but no answer yet.

    However I checked my email and I got a message from them with tracking information saying it shipped out yesterday. I'm a bit leary though because the package says its only 2.0 lbs. I don't know about you guys, but I expect a helmet with display and numbered plaque to be a bit heavier than 2.0 lbs.

    I'll let you all know when it arrives. Tracking info says next Tuesday (yay, I paid for 2-day shipping to have it ship Thursday and not arrive til Tuesday . I know I know....its the holidays and shipping sucks right now).

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    I wasnt aware that any of the Helmets (Clone helmets) were ready yet. Be sure to give us an update. Mystery charges are interesting arnt they?
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    It turns out that you would be correct CooLJoe! The MR BLOG confirms that the Star Corps Helmet (Yellow Felucia helmet) is shipping and arriving on doorsteps!
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    Hmmm. I'm still worried by the fact that the tracking information says its 2.0 lbs. I expect a heavier package for all thats included (Helmet, Plaque, Display piece).

    BTW, where is the MR Blog?

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    Go to the main page. And in the bottom left corner is a bar that says MR BLOG. There it is.
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    Yeah I did a search like 10 minutes after I posted asking about it, and found the page.

    As for today..


    Helmet arrived in a nice MR box, helmet surrounded in foam sheet wrap with formed-foam halves holding the helmet and stand, and a nice MR envelope with cert of auth, catalog, various other papers about the helmet/MR, and the plaque. I got #454 of 600 (although it doesn't say "of 600" or anything suggesting a 600 helmet limit).

    I'm geeked. I can't wait til the regular version and Special Ops version arrive in January. I'm still wishing I had preordered the red Shock Trooper helmet, but oh well. 3 of the 4 is still damn good.

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    i just recieved mine like ten minutes ago. i will say this is the absolute most awesome thing i've ever owned. i even like it better than my saber collection. good job! Master Replicas! i can't wait to get my duel Vader helmet. i got #331.

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    I'm glad to hear some good reviews on these! If any of you guys are able to post pictures of yours, please do!
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    i just got confirmation onJan 9th shipping date for the SS Vader helmet.for some reason the duel sig isn't processing yet even though they're both on the same order. very strange. i called but no one could give me an answer why.


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