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    MR 2006 Product Plan!!!

    Here is is Ladies and Gentlemen! The long awaited Master Replicas 2006 Product Plan. Specific/individual product information is not available yet (release dates/costs) but it gives us an idea of how many pennies to save...

    For our 2006 Star Wars product line, we are introducing our exciting new Collector's Edition line of Star Wars products. The Collector's Editions
    will be unlimited in production and are constructed with more standard materials. The Collector's Edition will include a custom stand (no cover) and Certificate of Authenticity. Initially, the Collector's Edition will only be available through our retail partners.

    Of course we will continue to produce our Limited Edition line of Star Wars products, which will now only be available through Edition sizes will be announced within 60 days of the product being placed on sale (no more waiting months to find out)! Plaques will be numbered and will feature the edition size (for example 1/2900). These will be the same Limited Edition value and quality that you are accustomed to: premium materials, display case with cover, numbered, plaque, prop story, Certificate of Authenticity, and most importantly, limited in quantity.

    Signature Editions and Studio Scales will continue to be available both through and our retail partners. Occasionally we may offer our retail partners exclusive Limited Edition items.

    Only Star Wars products will be available in Collector's Edition/Limited Edition versions for the time being

    Now, for what you've been waiting for (Items on the 2006 product plan are subject to change or cancellation)

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    -Jack Sparrow Sword LE
    -Jack Sparrow Flintlock LE
    -Jack Sparrow Compass LE
    -Davy Jones Key Replica
    -Elizabeth Swann Necklace Replica
    -Jack Sparrow Ring Replica
    -Will Turner Letter Opener
    -Jack Sparrow Letter Opener


    -Kermit the Frog "Photo" Puppet


    -Mickey Mouse Character Statuette
    -Donald Duck Character Statuette
    -Tinkerbell Character Statuette
    -Winnie the Pooh Character Statuette


    -Marvel Comic Heroes Poker Chip Set

    Star Trek

    -Assault Phaser LE
    -The Original Series Enterprise Studio Scale
    -The Original Series Enterprise Studio Scale - Pilot Version

    Star Wars

    NEW! Collector's Editions (CE):

    -Qui-Gon Jinn Ep I Lightsaber CE
    -Stormtrooper Ep IV Helmet CE
    -Boba Fett Ep VI Blaster CE
    -Darth Vader EpVI Lightsaber CE

    Limited Editions (LE):

    -Luke Skywalker Epiosde IV Lightsaber LE (retail partner exclusive)
    -Qui-Gon Jinn Ep I Lightsaber LE
    -Stormtrooper Ep IV Helmet LE
    -Boba Fett Ep VI Blaster LE
    -Boba Fett EpV Helmet LE
    -Darth Vader EpVI Lightsaber LE

    Signature Editions (SE):

    Luke Skywalker Episode IV Lightsaber SE

    Studio Scale:

    -Rebel Y-Wing Studio Scale

    Poker Chips:

    -Original Trilogy Star Wars Collectible Poker Chip Set

    Scaled Replicas:

    -Luke Skywalker Ep IV Lightsaber
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi Weathered Ep IV Lightsaber
    -Luke Skywalker Ep V Lightsaber
    -Darth Vader Ep V Lightsaber
    -Anakin Skywalker Ep II Lightsaber
    -Stormtrooper Ep IV Blaster
    -Han Solo Ep V Blaster
    -Boba Fett Ep VI Blaster

    Force FX:

    -Darth Maul Ep I Lightsaber Force FX
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi Ep III Lightsaber Force FX

    Stay tuned! Some of these items could go on sale soon REAL soon! (Including our first studio scale model for 2006!)

    What do you think?? Are we happy? Its gonna be an interesting year!
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    Any word on the awesome looking anakin and Obi-Wan costumes? They looked freaking sweet in the pictures. I hope they dont get cancelled like the FX jacket. The scaled sabers/blasters and FX sabers sound sweet. They are the only ones I can afford and they look great with the rest of my collection. All I can say is bring on 2006.

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    Scaled Replicas:

    -Obi-Wan Kenobi Weathered Ep IV Lightsaber?

    Hasn't this already been made?

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    The Luke Episode IV SE and CE sure are going to p*** off a lot of collectors who got the Elite Edition. It was my understanding that it would only be available as an EE. With the upcoming Obi-Wan EE, can we assume that an LE and CE will follow?

    I was actually hoping for more exciting products for the line. A Boba Fett helmet is only natural following the success of the Darth Vader helmet but the blaster might not be that big of a draw due to price point. I'm also confused as to why the blaster is from ROTJ and the helmet is from ESB. So much for continuity.

    What happened to the studio scale Millenium Falcon? It's not even listed.

    And where are the Indiana Jones props that were shown at Comic Con?

    Looks like I won't have much to spend this year as I originally anticipated. Guess that means I can concentrate my spending on Sideshow instead.

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    Yeah theres a handful it items that are not in the product plan like the Indy replicas and the rumored Studio Falcon. Some of the other items are a little questionable like the Mini Weathered Obi-Wan saber. Not sure where this is going.

    But the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Helmets (especially Boba Fett) are going to be roaring successes! I'll call it now.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    I am really excited about the upcoming products, especially the Boba Fett items, and the minis. I am curious as to why they would offer both the CE, and LE Edition Fett Blaster, though. How different are they going to be? Will there be that much of interest for a LE, with a cheaper option available?

    I am also wondering what the Mini Obi-Wan Weathered will be like. Will they change it from the original version that was released as a Euro Exclusive. I'm pretty psyched as that is a mini that is missing from my collection.
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    I WILL have a stormtrooper helmet. And I know collectors would hate me for this, but I hope the clonetrooper (episode 2) is redone in LE or other form since I missed out on that one. That or I'll have to scour eBay for one. I just think it would be cool to have the Clone (EP2), Clone (EP3), and Storm helmets all in a room on display (alongside my Star Corps and Special Ops Clone EP3 helmets).

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    The AOTC Clone Helmet is a great one CooLJoE, nothing wrong with wanting one. I bet MR will get to that when theres not so much on the plate.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett


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