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    The Cestus Deception! (now with spoilers)

    Here's another one that just snuck up on me: The Cestus Deception, a novel about Obi-Wan and everyone's favorite ladykiller, Kit Fisto, on a mission to stop some sort of "bio-droid" menace.

    It's out in stores now! If you've got it (which I haven't yet, being a lazy moderator ), feel free to discuss!
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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    DooD!! Thanks for the reminder, I read the excerpts from but forgot it was out. Going today after work to Waldenbooks in the mall.

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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    Well, it's got a nice cover I know that much
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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    Well, I went by Bordres on my break this evening to see their price on this new SW book. Guess what, they already sold out. How many copies did they get in, 3? The lady was somewhat helpful but their info seemed to be out of whack. She said that they received theirs on May 30 but their search stations said the release date was 6/30/04. I've never really liked Borders. Their customer service is usually pretty bad. Plus, shouldn't the stores price match what's on the website? Wouldn't they make a few more sales that way?
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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    This too snuck up on me (that's been happening a lot lately). I saw the cover and thought it was The Approaching Storm at first. So I eagerly await when it'll be at my local library. Summer rocks for reading! I just hope it's not another "let's tease them but not really give any new info since Episode III is still in the works" type of book.
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    i picked it up today. give me a couple days and i'll have it read and can post a review.

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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    I bought it a couple weeks ago, but havent had time to readit. I was going to the bathroom when I saw an open box with five of them in it, it was with alll of the boxes that were waiting to be sheleved, so I took it to the counter and it happend to be in their system so I kinda lucked out.

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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    1/4 of the way thru. Very interesting book. I like how they describe the 'military' aspect of it. The point of view from a ARC Commander is also very informative.

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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    Bought it shortly after it came out, haven't opened it yet, well then again...I haven't even read Survivor's Quest or Ruins of Dat. I'm behind.

    I just have a tough time getting back into the Star Wars novels every since the lonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg running NJO stuff. Still need to get the bad taste out of my mouth from some of those books still. Maybe later this summer I'll plow through these.

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    Re: The Cestus Deception!

    [QUOTE=tjovonovich]Bought it shortly after it came out, haven't opened it yet, well then again...I haven't even read Survivor's Quest or Ruins of Dat.

    So true!! I am behind too...


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