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Thread: Found Em!!

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    Found Em!!

    FOUND THE NEW SAGA 2!!!!!!

    Walmart had s bunch of them, only got Han, Boba, Barada, and Leia. Leia looks like rubish thogh, neck. 5.88 each. After promising I wouldnt get into the mini holos I soon found myself looking for the best prequel Obi, Yoda, Vader and I just noticed I left a holo Fett there.........dang it.

    Target has ALL ROTS clearanced, figures 3.54? I think. Mustafar playset 20, and I think cups were like 9.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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    I can't wait for Bib. The others eh.
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    i saw a single bib fortuna at walmart today. the ONLY star wars figure i saw. i'm sure we'll see them all over soon.

    i liked the figure as well as the new packaging. the black card style with background is my favorite packaging style, i hope they stick with it for a long time.
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    I hope that my Target marked down those cup figures. I like them but didn't want to pay $12.99 per set.

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    I found all 6 today, and put them on lay-away. I can't afford that much with getting Christmas presents for my son.

    Also at my Wal-Mart over the past two days Unleashed battle packs, Star Wars transformers, Attatix new sets.
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    I found all but Boba on the 23rd. I had finally gotten around to Christmas shopping and was looking for the last 5. I guess I am out of luck (finally went to ebay).

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    I found these in Granite City Illinois. All of them! I also found them in Pontiac, IL. Bought all in Pontiac except for Leia (by mistake). then made it to GC and bought her there. Both at WalMart.....So, first wave down, ready for the second....

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    Target by me in (near Milwaukee) had them out on Friday am with the Die Cast (I got the White Tie) and they had just setup the figures...4 or 6 of each.

    As part of the Collect to Collect guidelines I bought Leia, Barada and Boba and left the rest there.

    This wave is ok...but I will compare the Leia's but Barada looks like a repack but the holo is what I wanted.
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    I found them yesterday afternoon. Was quite shocked to see them actually.
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    To my relief, at Target today I found the ROTS stuff replaced with the '06 Saga Collection stuff. They mostly had the Unleashed Battle packs, but they also had Chewbacca and Barada. I skipped on them because I don't much care for repaints, but I'm fairly confident I'll find Bib, Han and Boussh soon.

    BTW, has anybody noticed an awesome change of pattern? Usually the year after a new Star Wars movie's been released, the figures are hard to find. In 2000 after TPM came out, those remaining Episode 1 figures were impossible to find. In 2003 after AOTC came out, many of us never saw the new Saga figures until mid-year. But since about a year ago Hasbro seems to be doing a great job at distributing.
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