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    14,902 the 909? (& other SW locales?)

    For those of you who live in southern California, perhaps specifically in what is called "the 909" (area code for region about 30-70 miles east of LA), the sunrises and sunsets this past week or so have been awesome! Since I get to my job early (6:30am) and leave sort of late (4-5pm), I get to see them frequently. But these recent ones have reminded me of SW locations (see pictures below, if they work right). Anyone else feel the same about places near them, or have visited, and that you have pictures? These have NOT been PhotoShop'd or changed at all; that's what makes them so wizard!
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    Awesome pics, BCJ. Instead of Mustafar though, they remind me more of the sunset at the end of Episode III.

    I always think of Cloud City during sunset when the sky is all pink and purple.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    I'd be more amazed if I didn't live in LA and see essentially the same sunsets. Pretty good photos though!
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    Sweet pictures.....makes me wish I wasn't in the Northeast .
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