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    Ssp Demolition Derby

    I was talking about Christmas presents with some freinds of mine,and we brought up what we remember getting as kids. One toy in particular( aside from Star Wars) was the SSP Demolition Derby set. These were great toys, because you pull the cord to rev them up and then smash them into each other. The cars would blow apart when they hit each other, then you just put them back together again. I was looking to see if I could buy these anywhere. I checked Ebay a few days ago and they had nothing. I found some websites with pics of the sets, but nowhere to but them. Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to buy these. I had mine in the 70's and I am not sure when they stopped making these. Thanks for your help

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    I think I had that toy also, but didn't know the exact name. I thought it was something like "Smash Up Derby". If I remember right, it came with a couple ramps and one of the cars was a VW Bug.

    Try these:

    this may be the one I remember:

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    Thanks rogue II that is definately them. I had the second one you listed, with the station wagon. latest bid 113.00 wow didn't think they would be that much. I may try for the other one with the VW, like you had. Thanks again for your help.

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    Hey, I even remember the jingle. "Crash bang smash em up, put em back together, crash bang smash em up, Smash up Derby is fun!" Maybe it's because I work in a Auto Body Shop I remember these things.


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