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    Anyone watch WANTED on TNT?

    It's one of my Favorite shows. I have one huge problem with it. The season started in the beginning of Dec and now the season finale was last night! WTF it that all about, 4 Fning episodes?! Come on now people. Anyways the show is hit with me and my wife and I wish is was on longer.
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    actually it wasn't just 4 episodes. it started a couple months earlier and took a hiatus break and just came back. but it was stupid that it ended so fast like this. i think it had 12 episodes.because the very first epsode the orignal partner before quincy jones daughter joined. was killed in the line of duty.

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    I watch it, it's fairly entertaining as an action-TVcop show, though it can't touch TNT's The Closer in terms of real police feel.

    Apparently, the summer eps and these 4 winter eps are all part of Season 1 even though TNT promoted these winter eps as Season 2. The summer eps went from July 31st to mid-September, and then these 4 winter eps went from beginning to end of December, 13 eps total, a complete "short" season.

    To be honest, I'm not sure I see where the show is going, they're kinda ignoring "the list" at this point and breaking lots of laws, and this last ep took it *way* further in an ugly way - my guess is they're trying to compete more directly with FX's The Shield.

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    Yeah I know all of that guys, I have seen all the shows.

    I was thinking they might be dumping the show since like you said JT all kinds of bad crap is happening. I was shocked when Conrad Shot and killed the Black dude. Through the show I didn't like the religious guy, but from the last episode I like him now. I do like all the characters but the rat. He really doesn't do anything for the show, so he was the perfect person to be the rat.
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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