On the OT DVD commentary track, Lucas explains that when he made Star Wars, the opening crawl was borrowed from/an homage to the old Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s, and went on to explain that they were basically what episodic TV is now and the crawls were meant to catch audiences who missed the last serial up to date on where the episode was coming from. Now Lucas is turning Star Wars into TV, whether it will be episodic I am not sure but I suspect it will be at least partially - which would make it come full-circle in a way, back to the regularity of the serials instead of 1 long movie every 3 years.

So my question is, when the live action show comes, do you think each episode will open with a crawl? It's a lot less likely that audiences will miss several episodes in a row on TV than it was with the serials in theaters, so it's not as necessary, but perhaps every 4 episodes they'll want to catch us up, or perhaps if the setting moves in time or space they'll need to do an opening crawl to re-set the stage.