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    Will the live show do an opening crawl each ep?

    On the OT DVD commentary track, Lucas explains that when he made Star Wars, the opening crawl was borrowed from/an homage to the old Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s, and went on to explain that they were basically what episodic TV is now and the crawls were meant to catch audiences who missed the last serial up to date on where the episode was coming from. Now Lucas is turning Star Wars into TV, whether it will be episodic I am not sure but I suspect it will be at least partially - which would make it come full-circle in a way, back to the regularity of the serials instead of 1 long movie every 3 years.

    So my question is, when the live action show comes, do you think each episode will open with a crawl? It's a lot less likely that audiences will miss several episodes in a row on TV than it was with the serials in theaters, so it's not as necessary, but perhaps every 4 episodes they'll want to catch us up, or perhaps if the setting moves in time or space they'll need to do an opening crawl to re-set the stage.
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    I kind of hope not. Maybe at the start of each season or something, but to do it every episode would get really redundant, just as it does on video games. Clone Wars functioned just fine without a crawl or the main theme, so the new show can too.

    I think it kind of takes away some of the impact from the crawls in the films when they do it in every other media.
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    I tend to agree with Jabbajohnl. I would definitely think it important to do it at the opening of the series. I don't know about each season, though if it was a long time between seasons there might be a need for it. I think that what Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica does where they show scenes from the last episode or even relevant scenes from long past episodes at the beginning of the show to bring watchers up to date will work. Though Lucas the maverick that he is might want to do things differently. Now if the setting moves in time or space as you say or the characters change (which would be kinda cool) That would be a good time for an opening crawl.

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    Instead of an opening crawl I think it would be cool if Yoda did a voice-over narration like he's telling the story and each epsiode is a different entry from the Journal of the Whills. It would maintain a sense of familiarity to the Star Wars universe and keep with the storytelling tradition of the old sagas.

    I think a title sequence with cast headshots and theme music would be cliche and redundant.

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    I wouldn't like it at the begining of every episode.
    But maybe if it were at the begining of storylines that were broken up into multi-part episodes, then it would be cool to have it there.
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    All good answers I would say to a really good question by JT. I say it depends on how the show will play out. I think for sure there would need to be a opening crawl for the first ever episode, after that its tough to say.

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    I think an opening crawl for the first episode of each season is the way to go. StarWars is known for the opening crawl before a movie to basically catch you up on what happened before the events you are about to see. Seasons can have 4-6 month gaps, so an opening crawl would be a replacement for showing several scenes from the last season (or last season's episode).

    But definetely not before every episode. And definetely do not have the stupid cast/faces type of opening.

    I think each season should open like a movie does. 20th century clip, lucasfilm clip, then opening crawl talking about events leading to the season about to be seen, then flow right into the current events. Each episode should just do a quick intro similar to Lost, where it either 1) starts the show, then shows the logo with quick StarWars fanfare then cut for the first commercial or 2) shows the logo with quick StarWars fanfare and start the show. No need for a long intro before every episode, only the first episode of each season.

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    It is kind of cheesy, but to me it isn't Star Wars with out the crawl
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    I think if you do an opening crawl at the beginning of the series and then perhaps midway through the series that would be fine. This way it establishes a link between the movies and the shows, and it helps catch the people up who missed a few in between.

    I think what would really be cool is a voice over similar to the bginning of the clone wars cartoon where yoda told what was going on in the beginning. Perhaps they could use Liam Nelson to do his Qui Gon voice. This would also be a good way to show Obi Wan training to commune with the living force.
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    It depends, if each episode has a huge gap between them, then yes, if it is a direct pick up, then no.
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