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    I heard that about Tom Morello and Jack White.
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    The Beastie Boys last album was composed entirely of instrumentals. It is hard to believe now, but when "Licensed to Ill" came out, they were about as much a marketing package as any other recording artist we now find so fit to hold up for derision.

    NIN albums often have one or two instrumentals, although I haven't heard "Year Zero" yet.

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    I was going to mention Derek Trucks, but it looks like I already did. Most of his solo output is instrumental. Mostly blues and rock guitar, but a heavy mix of world music and jazz in there as well. Very awesome stuff.

    He's one of those guys who can't sing, and doesn't try. His wife's already a damned fine singer, so he just noodles on her albums when he wants vocals. (Or, occasionally, has her sing on one of his tracks.)
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    There are a number of recent instrumentals, they're just typically released as b-sides on singles. And singles are more and more a rarity item, since most retailers are fadding them out.

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    If you want people that can shred then look no further than Dragonforce! If you've played Guitar Hero III you know what I mean.

    I seriously couldn't believe that they just formed. They sound and even look like they're from the 80's.
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