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    Hasbro, you can make humans other than white!

    Make the black bespin guard and the black endor rebel soldier please. Oh yeah, and the black x-wing pilot along with the black bespin ice cream maker guy! What is the deal? We got two versions of the white endor soldier... let us have the black version please. We need variety here!

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    Why, so they will warm the pegs like OTC Lando? My Toys 'R Us can't give him away!

    I agree though, we need some black Bespin Guards.

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    While we're at it, you need to make the humans the correct ethnicities. Bail Organa wasn't white, nor was young Boba Fett or the Clone Pilots. And Anakin wasn't brown (I guess you couldn't call it Hispanic or Latin since those are Earth terms . . .).

    I'd also like to see the Asian ROTJ pilot.
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    Its just as simple as this guys. Hasbro is RACIST!!!!!!!!!.

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    I would love to see these figures made. There were plenty of different ethnenticities in SW, not just alien races, but humans as well. If they made them in the vintage line, make em now too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    it's time to make a Bultar Swan as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    I'd also like to see the Asian ROTJ pilot.
    Mine looks asian..

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    And the black Neimoidian, er wait, nevermind.

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    How about the black guard in Jabba's palace? He had more screen time than Ice Cream Maker Guy.

    You know what would make a nice convention exclusive? A Vader with removable helmet to reveal James Earl Jones.

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    it's strange how Sci-fi and fantasy are more dominated by white people than any other ethnicities and cultures. Why is that I wonder?

    I know lots of "things" are dominated by white people...government, CEO jobs, MONEY...but really, there's very little ethnicity in sci-fi except for the different "alien" races of whichever show is on.

    I do notice it's getting a bit better, like going down to the con in san diego, there is a great representation of all kinds of folks which is really nice to see, but tv shows themselves are still very white. Not that it's a bad or good thing...just curious.
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